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How to Homeschool Art

Do you want to include more art in your homeschool? If so, keep reading to find lots of ideas and inspiration! Not only will you become a better art teacher, but you’ll also find some amazing projects to enjoy with your children. And if you’re worried that you’re not artistic enough, don’t worry! These articles share easy-to-follow instructions that will teach you how to homeschool art and leave you feeling like an accomplished art teacher in no time.


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How to Teach Art:

Big List of Homeschool Art Supplies
What’s the Difference Between Fine Arts and Crafts?
Creativity — An Unexpected Result of Homeschooling
How to Organize Homeschool Art Supplies in 5 Easy Steps
3 Ways To Incorporate Art Into Your Homeschool Curriculum
How to Organize your Homeschool Art Supplies
Choosing Process over Product
Make Friends With Your Inner Art Teacher
Art Class – A Productive Struggle

Art Project Ideas:

Free Activities, Lessons, and Printables about Art
Big List of Rainy Day Art Activities
Torn and Sewn Paper Hearts Valentine Project
Inkblot Valentines
Scribble Art Creations *Easy and fun for everyone!
Paper Mache Hats – a project to complete while studying Mary Cassatt
Watercolor Seascape Art
Pumpkin Pointillism *perfect for October!
Aluminum Foil Stained Glass Art
Legend of the Poinsettia Art Project
Self-Portrait Collage – for the future artist!
September Apple Tree Art Project
Easy Monoprint Art Project
Soap Carving for Everyone – perfect for boys young and old

Homeschool Art Curriculum and Products:

ArtAchieve *Featured
Creating a Masterpiece *Featured
HomeArtStudio *Featured
Learn to Draw by Notgrass
See The Light Art Classes and Art Projects

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