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ArtAchieve Review

ArtAchieve is an absolutely perfect curriculum for mothers who want a drawing program that gives them step by step drawing instruction and much more! Not only is it a terrific drawing program, it is also easy to tie into your homeschool geography, social studies, language arts and science programs.

Art Achieve Review

Stephanie received a free copy of ArtAchieve in exchange for this review. All opinions given are her own and are not influenced by the company in any way. Please see Hip Homeschool Moms’ full disclosure here.

Here are several ways you will benefit from ArtAchieve:

  1. It is fail proof.  The step by step instructions took us through each step in a way that my child was able to complete with success. In other words, his drawings actually ended up looking like what he was trying to draw.
  2. Your child will feel successful- not frustrated. Even though my child doesn’t excel naturally at drawing  he could still complete the lesson with great ease and without stress.
  3. You don’t need art training to teach it.  I love art and am pretty good at it. But it’s not required for this kind of program. Anyone can follow and teach it without having to feel like they need art experience or training.
  4. It’s planned for you so it requires little to no preparation. It was nice that I didn’t have to gather ideas, plan or prepare. The lessons are well thought out, well planned, and I didn’t have to be the one to do it! All I had to do was have the art supplies on hand.
  5. It can be accomplished by the student independantly. It  was easy for my 4th grader to follow, even independently, which was also very beneficial for this homeschool mom.

An Overview of ArtAchieve


ArtAchieve Review
Each slide gives your child step by step drawing instruction.

ArtAchieve is a how to draw program. Detailed step by step drawing instruction is presented through colorful and comprehensive slide shows. Most lessons have between 45 and 90 slides depending on the drawing level and the complexity of the lesson. But in addition to simply showing your child how to draw, it offers background education and  incorporates various art mediums and skills to be applied after drawing.

The projects your child will create are inspired by art pieces throughout the world. This offers some geography, social studies, and sometimes science or language skills along with art! First, your child is introduced to the art piece that the lesson is inspired by. Then it gives your child some back ground information on the country of it’s origin. If the subject is an animal, say the Haitian gecko for example, your child will be given a few facts about Haitian art and geckos. For the nutcracker project my child learned about the history of nutcrackers.

Each lesson is very thorough and contains the following:

  • • learning goals and standards
  • • inspiring art piece lesson
  • • goal/description of the project
  • supply list & warm up exercise
  • • suggestions for music
  • • good practices for your child to apply
  • • drawing plan
  • • step by step drawing instruction
  • • project instructions for media/skill application

3 Way to Use ArtAchieve in your Homeschool

ArtAchieve example slide

Using ArtAchieve in your homeschool is easy. Lessons are computer based and can be accessed through an online account. You will provide the supplies and space for your child to follow the tutorials. One aspect of this program I would like to highlight is its ability to enhance your homeschool program. Most homeschool moms will probably use the program in one of these three ways:

  1. Progression by level. Begin with your child’s current level and ability and have your child progress through increased levels.
  2. Individually by country or topic. If you choose by topic, be sure to choose lessons that are appropriate for your child’s ability. If you are studying Japan you may want to select  Level II – Japanese Gold Fish. Or for a more advanced or older student who just happens to be studying Ancient Egypt you may want to purchase  Level IV – Drawing People in the Style of Ancient Egyptians.
  3. A unit study approach. Still another way to use ArtAchieve in your homeschool is to base a unit study off the art lesson. You could introduce a new country or topic each week by beginning your week with the art lesson. Then you could build on it by having your child research and write about that country, animal, or region. In this way, the program would give you the topic for your unit study. For example, if you wanted to use Level III based on your child’s ability, you could do one week studies on Africa, the Pacific North West HawaiiChina, and Russia.
ArtAchieve also teaches drawing plus other art skills.
This slide shows how ArtAchieve provides more than just “How to Draw” instructions.

Where to Purchase and Utilize ArtAchieve

You can begin using ArtAchieve for free with a sample lesson to try it out and see if you and your student will enjoy the program. I was more and more impressed with the program as the levels increased so keep that in mind when you use the free lesson. The lessons start out simple for younger children but increase with difficulty by level.

ArtAchieve can be purchased two ways.

  1. Purchasing by bundle would be slightly more cost effective. Each bundle includes 3 Lessons. Prices vary due to different levels and the complexity of the lesson. A Level I bundle is $10.00 while Level V is $29.00.
  2. ArtAchieve also offers the ability to purchase lessons individually. What if your child is participating in a geography fair and you only need one art project for a specific country? No problem, ArtAchieve allows you to purchase one lesson at a time if desired. It’s a great option for enhancing research projects and reports.  Individual lessons range from $5.00 for a Level 1 lesson to $11.00 for a Level V lesson.

Being able to draw is something that anyone really can do with proper guidance. ArtAchieve makes drawing easy for everyone, not just those that are naturally gifted. It’s a great way to bring art into any homeschool program. You don’t have to feel like an art expert to teach art in your homeschool with ArtAchieve.

To learn more, set up an account, or make a purchase, visit artachieve.com.

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    1. ArtAchieve also is based on the premise that all kids can learn to draw. I really liked that about the program. We too liked the added aspect of geography. Thanks for your comment. Will have to check out the Drawing book you recommend!

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