surprise! I’ve decided to make an autumn mini-bundle. it will have book recs and coloring/activity pages! as always it will be free but it’ll go out via email so make sure you’re signed up. link in bio. and drop your favorite fall books below, I will be sure to include them! 🍂🍁🍃🍁🍂 ...

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People often worry that homeschoolers will have gaps in learning. Guess what? They will. So will public school and private school students. The question is, what gaps are you willing to allow?

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“If my life is surrendered to God, all is well. Let me not grab it back, as though it were in peril in His hand but would be safer in mine!”
- Elisabeth Elliot

We can be faithful in what He has given us to be faithful in.

The tending to our own affairs and to the hearts of those around us. Cooking for our families and being grateful it.
Tucking our kids in and praying over their hearts.

And, preparing our homes for a new season… a season of turning inward.

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I wanted something fun & playful for the girls...a place where they enjoy spending their time together ❤️ I still have some things to do in here but I’m very happy with it so far! And this plush, washable rug from ruggable is a dream...so soft and so easy to clean! #myruggable light- steellightingco + home print- lornafreytag ...

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A gorgeous window transparency made by gathering.wildflowers for Black Garden Ants Week in Exploring Nature with Children!
Isn’t it fabulous!

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Day 243 of our Family Gap Year: Schools feel so much more relaxed when you don’t have to design for the deterrence of mass shootings.

Henry and Tate started school today in Aotearoa New Zealand and their campuses (elementary school and middle school) are completely open and connect to each other. The parents gather on various ledges and benches to connect and chat while they wait for their children at departure.

The children who used the pool that day run around in their dripping bathing suits.

The classrooms have entire walls of sliding glass that open all the way.

There are unlocked bikes and scooters everywhere.

It’s quite confronting to realize that the most profound sense of safety doesn’t come from the tallest fences or the strongest locks. It comes from not needing fences or locks at all.

When is power-wielding America going to wake up and realize that sending your children to school without having to worry that they will be mowed down by assault rifles is true FREEDOM?

Why do people keep voting for politicians who refuse to protect our children and our families?

What does it say about our country that we worry about “harming” our children with African-American history classes and books that acknowledge gay people exist while doing nothing about mass shootings, a lack of affordable health care or childcare, and rising inequality? #timeforchange

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Day 245 of our Family Gap Year: We are settling into regular life here in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

The boys are now comfortable walking themselves to and from school on their own. Henry has a friend he wants to invite over. Tate is gobbling up Tom Gates books from the local library. Matt and I take walks downtown. We had our regular Family Movie Night with a carpet picnic this evening.

It feels like now is the time to rest.

We are still tired from road tripping around the South Island, rushing to get everything in place for school, and supporting late-night anxiety.

There’s a distinct difference between rest and rejuvenation, and rest comes first.

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What do we have in common??

I’m Elizabeth! A lot of you probably have the same name as I do!! When people get my name wrong they usually think I’m Emily!

I have 3 boys that we are homeschooling Keaton, Cedric, and Keller! Both my husband and I grew up being homeschooled, so it feels easier to us than sending them to school 😂

I grew up on a farm in Illinois in a family of hunters, but I was the softie carrying a bottle to feed baby field bunnies and lame lambs. (Trust me the teasing was intense, but the heart wants what the heart wants 🤷🏻‍♀️)

When I started this account, there were some giggles and raised eyebrows, because I’m not an “Influencer” type. In real life I’m more likely to invite you to play in the back yard or to a book club, than to sell you make-up or bathing suits. What I do love is taking pictures of my kids, writing a thought down every once and a while, and collecting people who “get me”!! That’s YOU -and the reason I spend so much tim in my DMs!!

I read books (a lot of them), drink ONE cup of coffee a day, and love going to thrift stores -makes my budget and the planet happy.

So tell me what did we have in common? Or are we opposites attracting??

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I’m really scared to tell you right now.

I don’t do it all.
You: but it looks like…
You: soooo why does it look like that on social media. How do you have time?

The truth is I rotate what I drop.
I go a while with out posting.
There is usually a day or two of the week I don’t cook.
Sometimes I don’t get school done.
Often our house is strewn with little boy messes! (Inspired by gretchen.ronnevik)

My friend heatherburkefate_author said the other day
You have cook.
You have to clean.
You have to homeschool.
But you only get to pick two.

Today is cleaning and homeschool day… so a freezer meal it is.

What’s up and what’s down for you?

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I bought a book of E.E. Cummings poems sight unseen because someone said they were told to read his poems in the spring. Spring remains my favorite time of year, in spite of the Northeast weather lions and months of muddy snow melt. Little shoots pop up, daffodils defy all logic, and one grey, snowy morning - no, your ears are not mistaken, the song birds have returned. It's magic every time.

It's our first week back to school, and I am reading the same books to my first grader that I read to many of his siblings. Mrs Darling still has that kiss no one can reach, Paddle to the Sea is still amazingly carved by hand, the first pages of our grammar book are still filled with the unimaginable secret delights of the learnéd.

The flowers aren't new, but the children are.

I heard that recently and it captures so much of this season of life! My teens do the same silly things all teens do, and have the same conversations about sass. My middles are still shocked school work exists and has it's hold on them, and would still rather be outside or watching TV. The baby still cackles with delight when we bounce her.

None of it is new. But all the children in all their stages are.

And me? Well, the daffodils aren't new but that first bobbing yellow head breaking through the snow thrills me every time. These books are now my dear old friends, and right in the middle of the chaos of our first week, I got the sweetest rest in a bed of first chapters. I held small, sticky, sun browned hands as we jumped from familiar old place to familiar old place. Familiar to me of course, but an absolute wonder to them!

The books aren't new, but the children are.

It's early Wednesday morning of our first week, I flipped open a random page to Cummings words:

Spring) and everyone's
in love and flowers pick themselves.

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