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Our CTCMath review shows this curriculum is an excellent mastery approach option for homeschool families with children in kindergarten through 12th grades. We’ve been using it for both middle/high school math and early elementary math, and we’ve discovered that it works for a variety of learners in different kinds of learning situations.

Our CTCMath review and why we think it is an excellent online math curriculum.

I recently started using CTCMath with my children, and I can honestly say that I think it’s an excellent online math curriculum! There are quite a few reasons why we love it. For example:

  • CTCMath is an online, subscription-based program, which works well for my busy family.
  • It is NOT common core aligned.
  • It is perfect for families with working homeschool moms (like me). Because it is online, working moms can be assured that their children are getting quality math instruction even if a parent can’t provide it.
  • It’s a great option for moms who don’t necessarily work outside the home but who don’t feel confident teaching math.
  • It is an excellent mastery approach option.
  • It can be used by children who want/need a multi-sensory curriculum for visual and audio learners.
  • It can be used as a supplement for kinesthetic learners or children who need extra practice/reinforcement.
  • And it’s a wonderful option for children who LOVE extra practice and math in general. (Yes, some of us have children who adore math!)

NOTE: I received a free subscription to CTCMath in exchange for my honest review. I am currently using it with my elementary student and my high school student, and everyone is enjoying the subscription! Keep reading to find out why we love it!

What do we love about it?

It can be used by students in K-12th grades.

It’s wonderful to find a curriculum that can be used by ALL the children in the family! That makes things much easier for both parent and students.

It’s super flexible.

Because it is online and video based, it can be used in a small school space, which is perfect for on-the-go and road schooling families. It’s fully portable and completely online, so it can literally be done anywhere your child has an internet connection, wi-fi, or even through a hotspot from a mobile device.

If you find yourself in a difficult season of life where you’re having to travel to care for a sick loved one, have frequent trips to the doctor or hospital for a long-term illness, or if you are personally dealing with a health issue that keeps you from teaching all the lessons to your chidlren, CTTMath will be a fabulous resource for your family!

It is affordable.

CTCMath is also an affordable option for many families. Their annual fee gives access to all students in your family. There is no need to pay per child or to buy separate books, teacher’s manuals, and worksheets for each grade/level you are using.

It is a time saver.

It’s a fantastic time saver because it is self-paced and self-grading! Because each module is independent of another, I can choose to have my students go through each of them as quickly or as slowly as they need for retention and mastery. At the conclusion of each video lesson, there are a series of interactive questions for your student to answer. I can choose to review the completed work for each of my children online or print out the worksheets of completed work along with the correct or incorrect answer.

It gives the parent control.

The program allows me to choose how many times I want to allow my student to try to obtain the correct answer before it is marked wrong. It also allows me to choose one of three diagnostic tests for each level for my students. This is helpful with smaller children who have less of an attention span. It also comes in handy because, while pretests are available at each section, they are not required in order to proceed to the lessons.

The online portal is easy to use.

There is an easy-to-use online portal for logging in. As the parent, you can log in with your account or you can log in through the student account. This is great for multi-tasking and multi-level teaching so that you can have each child working simultaneously with one another if you have a computer for each child. It’s also a time saver for us moms so we can view and track progress for all children in one easy-to-use location.

If you reside in a state or country that requires you to keep a record of work, you can download a pdf of the details of the lessons as well as efficiency and score. These very detailed progress reports are definitely a great thing for both parents (to keep up with each child’s progress) and for record-keeping (keeping parents from having to put together detailed information if it is required by the county or state).

It provides extra practice and fun, challenging games.

If you’re looking for extra practice or even just some fun and challenging games for the kids to play (I’ll admit I may have enjoyed them too 😊. ), you can check out the speed skills section, the times table games, or swap pieces. Swap pieces is extremely challenging, but I was surprised my youngest enjoyed it the most. All three of these help with memorizing and reinforcing facts and could also be used for a game day away from formal lessons.

It takes the stress out of math for both parents and students.

Nobody needs more stress, right?! CTCMath is a huge help to parents who don’t feel comfortable teaching math. It removes the possibility of the teacher becoming frustrated with the students, and it allows the students to repeat lessons over and over as needed without becoming frustrated in return. And because it is multi-sensory, it meets the needs of many students and helps ensure retention.

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My Overall Impression:

Overall, I can honestly say after completing this CTCMath review that I highly recommend CTCMath. I feel it does a thorough job explaining concepts, allowing the math facts to be learned, and providing math review at any pace. I also feel it would be a great fit for most homeschooling families. I do want to mention that I received a free trial of CTCMath to use in exchange for an honest, thorough, and unbiased review.

Even More Helpful Information:

Students who use CTCMath show a dramatic increase in confidence and attitude toward math. This is so important! Many children just don’t feel very competent when it comes to math, and there’s no need for them to continue feeling that way. And because the lessons are short and to-the-point and allow students to work at a pace that is comfortable for each one, students don’t have to feel frustrated and hurried.

That is a big deal for many homeschool families! The ability to stop and review lessons over again also contributes to students’ feelings of being in control and unhurried.

To Get a FREE Trial of CTCMath:

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