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Earth Day Crafts, Fun, and Activities

What’s round, blue, green, and the only one of its kind?  Yup, that’ll be our earth.  And since it’s the only one we have, it makes sense to look after it.  Which is why April 22nd’s Earth Day is a great opportunity to focus our fun and learning activities on this beautiful planet of ours with Earth Day crafts, fun, and activities.

This post details ways to learn about our earth and how to care for it, and it introduces some fun Earth Day crafts and activities, including making an Earth Day Piñata.

Earth Day Crafts

Learning About Our Earth

How about beginning your day by exploring our earth? This great post details ways to use Google Earth to explore our planet from outer space. Think Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China, the Grand Canyon, and many more places that we can spot via satellite image.

Or take your explorations a step further and discuss ways we can care for our earth. This post on Hip Homeschool Moms shares many ways to care for our earth.

Earth Day Games

Sort the Garbage – In teams, get the kids to sort out a mixed bag of clean recyclables. First team to complete it wins! Increase the fun by timing the event and getting the teams to try beat their previous times.

Garbage Relay – Add a spin onto the Sort the Garbage game by getting team members to collect one item and run to the opposite side of the room or yard to dump it into the correct trash can (labelled Glass, Plastic, Paper, Metal). First team to complete the relay with all the garbage sorted wins.

Here are some other fun ideas to explore to celebrate Earth Day. Want some books to learn more about Earth Day? Here are a few you might want to consider. Click the picture to learn more about the book:

Earth Day Crafts – Recycled Style!

Make a milk carton catcher for ball games or even convert it into a handy pooper-scooper! Tiffany Thread Gould has a great tutorial over at her page.

Or, how about a beautiful Earth Day Puzzle picture? Recycle an old missing-pieces puzzle by turning the puzzle pieces into a beautiful globe picture as a visual reminder to keep up with the the Rs – that’s Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!

These kiddos have some fun, easy and recycled items that would be super fun to make!! I especially love the I Spy Bottles! I think they would be super fun to make with a theme when heading out for Homeschool Road Trips!

Last, how about making an easy Earth Day Piñata?

Globe Piñata Craft and Game

All you need is:

Assemble the lantern according to the instructions it comes with.

Cut out green fabric shapes for the earth’s land masses, and paste them onto the lantern according to their positions on the world globe.

Fill a thin plastic bag with earth-inspired goodies. Tie a knot with the bag’s handles. Thread thick string through the handles and tie firmly again leaving plenty of string to attach the bag to the top front of the lantern.

Attach the packet to the inside of the lantern to the top of the shade.

Hang outdoors and voila! Easy piñata!



No matter how you mark this special day – whether all out with games and Earth Day Crafts or just a mention on the day – we would like to encourage you to keep conservation of our precious planet as a part of your every day life. From recycling to conserving water, picking up trash to reusing instead of buying new – these are just some of the ways in which we can make a daily difference. Let’s be part of the change. Happy Earth Day!

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