Don’t you love that our new decade starts with the year of 20/20?

Our goal for 2020  and the new decade is to help you develop a great vision with clear purpose for your homeschool, home, friendships and life! Not that we have all the answers mind you… but we sure have some experience in what mistakes NOT to make  So join us every day in 2020 for our #hiptips and advice on different aspects of the homeschool lifestyle. 365 days (+1 for the leap year).



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Become a Hip Frugal Mom
Let’s make some ambitious money goals together! Research shows that the key to accomplishing big goals is to develop habits that will sustain the goal, one day at a time, one habit at a time. That’s good news! Saving money is a habit that we can develop.
We have created some guides to help us develop this habit and we will do it together. Let’s take a picture each day in January of our investment. I’m planning to start my savings in a jar. I want to see the habit forming, one penny at a time, one day at a time. Let’s post it in our group, in our neighborhood, on your own Instagram page, or your facebook page… wherever you want! Just be sure to tag us in the post so we can find each other and encourage each other on our journey to becoming Hip Frugal Moms! Use the hashtags #hiptips and #hipfrugalmoms for this challenge. You can find the guides here.

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Plan in Pencil
Plans change, goals change and I don’t like messy planners! Throw away your ink pens (unless they are erasable) when you sit down to write your goals and plans out! As a matter of fact, you might even want to consider writing in pencil on sticky notes! It is the ultimate in making your homeschool adjust around your life… instead of the other way around. Here you will find some tips and ideas on how to help you get started.

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Want to Work and Homeschool? Keep it Simple.
If you want to homeschool but also need to work, I have good news for you… You CAN work and homeschool. There are some very specific things that will help your homeschool be a success. Realize you will have to prepare more, establish routines, learn to delegate, focus on the basics, and keep your day as simple as possible… and those are just the beginning. We are working homeschool moms. I’ve only been homeschooling 10 years and seven of those I’ve been working… so I get it. We wanted to create resources and tools to help you think through how to schedule, how to pick curriculum, how to organize… everything we could think of to help you do both, if that is what you want to do. You can find all those details with lots of other ideas here. If this guide is helpful, please share it! Be sure to use the hashtag #hiptips and #hipworkingmoms for this one!

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Family Dinners
Eating dinner together as a family may be the best (and sometimes only) time a family can truly connect with each other. Make the time to share a meal as often as possible each week. If you just absolutely cannot make dinner work, try for breakfast or lunch! Find a time where you can reconnect and spend time just talking over a meal. Here are some other ideas on how to strengthen your family bond.

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