World’s Most Fascinating Rock Collection

As a homeschool mom, I love it when I can find fun resources that can be used by my children independently and with parental involvement. Our recent experience with the World’s Most Fascinating Rock Collection was just that!

My kids were obsessed with it, but I loved most that the recommended activities take various amounts of time and parent-child interaction. Several of them can be done by my children without me, which is nice on days when another child needs extra help with another subject. There were also several projects that I was excited about participating in along with my children.

Disclosure: I received The World’s Most Fascinating Rock Collection at no cost in exchange for a review.  A positive review was not required. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I only choose to share resources I would use with my own family and those I believe other families will enjoy and benefit from. 

World’s Most Fascinating Rock Collection Review – What’s Included

During her homeschooling journey, Kelli Hansen created the World’s Most Fascinating Rock Collection. When she noticed her son’s love of rocks, she created an introductory geology curriculum that would be fun and informative. Kelli has since passed away from cancer, but her passion for homeschooling lives on through this wonderful kit.

The rock collection contains 12 rocks and minerals, hands-on projects, and an informational mini unit study for each rock/mineral. The mini unit studies are also fun and teach in a light-hearted format. For our first lesson, we learned all about petrified wood. We enjoyed the bigger print alongside pictures. My kids kept saying things like “Woah! Mom! Did you know that [ …]”. It is always such a homeschool WIN when your children light up and get excited about something they are learning. Both of my grade-school level boys were equally excited about this kit, and they are 7 and 9 years old.

World’s Most Fascinating Rock Collection Review – The Activities

The projects range from experiments to crafts as well as additional paper activities. I love that some are quick, and some are longer so that you can pick according to the timeframe you have going for that day.

A few examples of independent learning activities include art, crosswords, fossil prints, and useful rocks to find around your home and neighborhood.

The awesome activities that recommend adult assistance include:

  • flower preservation
  • model volcano
  • fossil making
  • sink or float
  • DIY compass
  • opening a geode and
  • making a prospectors gold bag

Fun Ways to Incorporate the World’s Most Fascinating Rock Collection into Your Homeschool

  • Take with you on a vacation when you’re visiting a geological landmark (caves, Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountains, etc.).
  • Include in your science curriculum when you cover rocks & minerals or Earth Science. Opening the box is fun to launch your studies and build excitement!
  • Take on a hike or nature walk and see if your child can identify others of the same type or classification. This would be an excellent time to use the lesson on finding rocks around your home and neighborhood.
  • Follow-up a visit to a museum or geology-related field trip with this hands-on kit.

The World’s Most Fascinating Rock Collection Benefits

Rocks are a magnet for our young learners. There have been many times when we have found a little rock collection in the washer or in the cup holder of the car! Embrace that curiosity by using The World’s Most Fascinating Rock Collection kit in your homeschool. This is what I love about the collection:

  • Great homeschool keepsake that will last for years. One of the things my kids asked after our first lesson was, “Do we get to KEEP these rocks?” They were so excited about them.
  • Adaptable to your time limits. Some activities are as simple as a coloring page, while others take more time. Some take about 20 minutes, while others could take several hours. Pick what works for you.
  • The information is interesting and age-appropriate.
  • Great for Independent learners! Many of the activities are simple enough for your child to direct their learning. Each activity states if parent assistance should be needed or not.
  • The activities clearly state what to expect and any additional materials needed from around the house. For example: “This hands-on activity requires little assistance.”
  • This is not a “one and done” kit. It could easily be used over several months if you focus on weekly lessons and activities.
World's Most Fascinating Rock Collection there is a brochure for each rock in the collection

We hope you enjoy the World’s Most Fascinating Rock Collection as much as we have. It’s definitely one of those kits we will continue to reference and use throughout the year.

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