Arts and Crafts for 4th of July

Are you looking for some fun and easy arts and crafts ideas for your children for 4th of July? We’ve collected some great ideas that are simple to do and don’t require lots of fancy or expensive supplies. We’ll be adding more between now and 4th of July too, so be sure to check back to see what we’ve added! And of course be sure to have fun with your children while you create together!

Easy and fun arts and crafts activities for 4th of July for kids!

DIY Shrinky Dink Flag Bracelet

These are cute flag bracelets for older elementary ages and beyond!

Quick and Easy Art for 4th of July

Grab a sponge, cut it to look like fireworks, and you have a quick and easy art for the 4th of July!

Easy Patriotic Pattern Block Painted Flag Craft for Preschool

Our preschoolers have been using pattern blocks for most everything lately: to make buildings/towers, as “food” in our kitchen, to make domino runs, and to create intricate designs on their own. As with most of our classroom materials, our kids often find the most creative suggestions when left to explore on their own. Our newest creations: pattern block printed flags!

Patriotic Dancing Rings

These ribbon dancing rings for the Fourth of July are just the thing to encourage some gross motor play! My girls loved dancing, running, skipping, twirling, spinning, and playing with red, white, and blue trailing behind them.

4th of July Craft for Kids: Patriotic Necklace

Looking for a simple 4th of July craft for kids? These patriotic necklaces are super easy to make and provide a wonderful opportunity for patterning and fine motor practice.

Simple Bald Eagle Craft for Kids

The American Bald Eagle is the national bird of the United States. We seem to give him special attention during patriotic holidays like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. To help kids learn more about him, here’s a fun craft that your kids will want to display all summer long.

Uncle Sam Paper Plate Craft

With the 4th of July coming up, we’ve been into patriotic kids crafts, particularly ideas we can start as 4th of July traditions. And this Uncle Sam Paper Plate Craft certainly fits the bill!

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