5 Easy Ways to Add Exercise Into Your Day

We are entering the new year and everyone has been making their New Year’s Resolutions.  Many will include some sort of variation of exercise, losing weight, or get fit scenario.  Like most of us I am busy, and I find it hard to stick to an extensive exercise routine.  How about using these 5 Easy Ways to Add Exercise Into Your Day…. with little to no interruption of your day!

5 easy ways to add exercise into your day

1. Opt To Take The Stairs

While this might not always be plausible due to the number or age of children in tow, you can not only do this while out but you can do this at home too!  If you don’t have a reason to take the stairs, create one!  Use the bathroom on the second floor instead, or as you are walking by opt to go up and down the stairs a few times.

disclaimer 2. Have An Impromptu Dance Party

Kids love for you to stop what you are doing and have some fun with them.  Help get their wiggles out and get a little cardio in yourself!  Either just turn on music and have at it, or do something more structured like learn a dance or follow a quick video. We spent days learning Cotton-Eyed Joe, the Electric Slide and more!

3. Park Farther Out

You can do this even with children in strollers and shopping carts!  Choose to park farther out in the parking lot and walk the distance to the store, or place of business you are heading to.

4. Quick & Easy Exercise Challenge

Just by doing a quick Google Image search you can find tons of quick and easy exercise challenges.  In our house we do a combination of leg raises, crunches, and planks.  You start out doing just a few and then add throughout the month.  It only takes 5-10 minutes each day and even our children love to try and do it with us!

5. Mini Walks

When my children were younger I would meet a friend at the mall and we would stroller walk.  It gave us exercise and great mommy time.  As the kids got tired of sitting we would go to a quieter end and let them run around to get some of their energy out, or we would slow down a bit and let them walk with us awhile.  You can head outside, or to the mall with your children and spend a small amount of time walking together.  In our neighborhood we walk/jog our circle which is .7 miles and will do that twice which takes about 20 minutes.  The kids love to get out with me and “tour” the neighborhood!

As you can see, it may not seem like a large amount of exercise but as I say, “Every bit counts, and anyway you slice it you are moving!”  What tips or tricks have you found to help add exercise into your day?

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  1. I so need to own these! Thank goodness it is warming up, so maybe I can get some exercise in! Thanks for reminding us to get off our rears and get after it!

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