A Healthier Homeschool This Year

Start off your homeschool year right. Get healthy!

Just like New Year’s resolutions, we homeschool moms want to set goals for a new school year. We create schedules, routines, and habits that we hope are better for our families.

We focus on three areas to keep our family healthy and evaluate these areas frequently to stay on track.

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Essential oils

More natural methods for prevention and healing. We began using essential oils a little over a year ago and gradually got to the point when we threw out all our meds. It was so liberating.

I love that the kids are learning to use coconut oil and lavender oil for cuts and chamomile for bruising. They know peppermint helps fevers and tummy ickies. Our “medicine cabinet” is empty and we have all our essential oils on a side table for all to see. The kids have been taught a few basics but they never apply or ingest any without Mama or Dad helping.

We’re now using mineral and hormone supplements with the essential oils to boost immunity and energy levels. I’ve never felt better! My husband, teen daughter, and I can tell very quickly if we run out or forget to take our supplements daily.

We’ve also begun going to a chiropractor to get adjusted. I am so pleased with the results so far. Stay tuned for updates and reviews.


No matter your lifestyle, there is always room for dietary improvements. While not many of us can successfully undertake a drastic change like a Whole30, but we can offer up some healthier alternatives each week to slowly change eating habits. If you have allergies or health needs, then you’re probably already making changes. I am not a short order cook. I make one meal for everyone with very few changes. We have severely limited our grain intake and noticed we’re much more energetic. And I hardly buy cow milk anymore except for a few recipes. Since Tori doesn’t drink it, her skin tone has improved and we’re all less sniffly.

I’m always an advocate for a simple, natural diet of vegetables, fruits, meats, nuts, and the wholer grains (yep, I said wholer!) – quinoa, cous cous, potatoes, and rice blends are on our table only a few times a week instead of every day like it used to be. We eats lots of salads with raw vegetables or side dishes of steamed veggies.

I constantly introduce my kids to different fruits, hoping to find one they like – other than apples and bananas. Liz is the best fruit eater in our house – she loves berries and lots of other fruits. My husband and I drink smoothies and raw juices regularly to boost immunity and energy levels.


This is my least favorite activity, unless it’s sneaky like hiking or walking around a park or botanical garden. I know how important exercise is to my health and my children’s health. I certainly want to be a good role model and be a healthy example to them, but I really loathe going to the gym or working out. Don’t even talk to me about traditional workout videos. Some of my favorite forms of exercise?

My friend, Beth, has some mama exercises that are the only videos I like. They’re short and simple and really work! Visit Fit2B to see the membership options.

Family Time Fitness is a fun exercise program the whole family can enjoy. There are YouTube videos for guidance if you need to know how to do something. I am so embarrassed to tell you that my kids didn’t know how to jump rope or hula hoop or do basic playground games. Ugh!

I recently signed up Kate and Alex for soccer and Tori for gymnastics. Liz does PT with Civil Air Patrol and I encourage her to do yoga at home and hike near our village.

There is nothing better than just getting outdoors with your kids for fresh air and some sunshine. Take evening walks together so you all sleep better and feel healthier.

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