Losing the Baby Weight While Homeschooling

I just gave birth to my fifth child about 5 weeks ago.  With each pregnancy, I tend to gain a little more weight.  I eat healthy and stay active, but my body just does it.

As my 6 week check-up draws near, I know I’ll be cleared for exercise.  I also still fit comfortabley into my maternity clothes.  Yikes!  So, what’s a busy homeschooling mom to do?  How do we realistically lose the baby weight while homeschooling?   We rarely have time alone.  The budget for a gym membership doesn’t exist.  I’m constantly on the the go, and I can’t commit a ton of time and energy to meal prep.

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However busy we are, our health must come first!  We homeschooling moms carry the family, and we need to be at our best!  Here’s how I keep fit, stay active, and put my health first while homeschooling 5 little ones:

Be Realistic

Homeschooling moms have to get real with what else we can fit into our schedules.  I often remind myself that I have a very full plate and that isn’t going to change anytime soon.  So, joining a gym and hauling 5 kids to the nursery is not realistic.  Changing our diet to organic vegetarian is also not going to go over well with my gaggle of boys.  Nor is expecting my body to resemble a Victoria’s Secret model after 5 babies.  I’m after a healthy lifestyle so that I can be my best for my family.  Homeschooling is a tough job, and we moms need to be top notch!

Start a Healthy Eating Unit in Your Homeschool

One of the perks about homeschooling is being home all the time to eat when and what you want.  One of the downfalls of homeschooling, ironically, is being home all the time to eat when and what you want.  Ha!

What about starting a healthy eating/nutrition unit with your kids?  Whether they are in pre-k or seniors in high school, it’s a lesson that will stay with them for life.  Grocery shop together, exercise together, and be their role model!  You can incorporate chopping veggies for fine motor skills, take a field trip to a local farm or produce stand, or teach them to use Pinterest for healthier versions of your family recipes.  It would be an awesome life skills lesson!


Water, Water, Water!

Often times I’m so busy homeschooling, cleaning, cooking, breastfeeding, and disciplining that after I finish my 17 cups of coffee I don’t always drink all the water I should.  I’ve started keeping a 24 pack of bottled water in our school room to remind me to drink, drink, drink!  You could also put one of your kids in charge of being the ’empty cup patrol man.’  Every time he sees your cup empty, he can fill it up!  It will keep you full and prevent snacking!

Shower and Get Dressed in the Morning.

This is a big struggle, and I usually don’t get in the groove until my little ones are about 6 months old.  However, I was determined to start this habit again when we started back to school after the holidays.

For me, when I shower and have those few minutes to myself, I can reflect and focus on my day.  Getting dressed, brushing my hair, and putting on shoes motivates me to stick to eating healthy so I don’t wear my maternity clothes for another year.  Also, when that random solicitor comes to the front door, I don’t have on my husband’s t-shirt and boxers with no bra :/  Don’t laugh.  It’s happened….more than once!



The Dreaded….Exercise.

I know, I know.  Some people really love to work out.  I do not.  I do, however love being outdoors and walking.  My kids do too.  Sometimes we homeschoolers can get into a rut of being at home and then taxiing our kids around all day.  When we do go to a park, I usually sit and chat with other moms, and I’m not moving.  So, I’m committed to going to the park 3-5 times a week with my kids where I can walk around the playgroup and perhaps do some stairs that are near my park.  It might not be what Gold’s Gym recommends, but it’s better than nothing!


Another option is the YMCA.  Our local branches have lots of Homeschool classes.  You could drop your kids off and hit the gym for a while!

Homeschooling presents so many challenges for moms.  We give and give to everyone before ourselves.  I love it, but putting myself first is very difficult.  Finding time is nearly impossible.  Even for the single person weight loss is difficult.  So, for us, it can be even more challenging.  Stick with it,  stay positive, and remember a healthy mama is a happy mama!

What are your tips for losing the baby weight while maintaining a busy homeschool schedule?

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