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Finding Hope and Purpose in an ‘Ordinary’ Life

Can I whisper something to you?

There is no greater calling than the one God has already put you right in the middle of.  I’ve learned this the hard way.   We seek the big time before we’ve mastered little league.  I’ve sought the big time, and boy have I sucked at little league.

I’ve quested for the big dreams, the big calling, the BIG MINISTRY, the big business, you name it – I’ve lusted for it.  It took me a long time to figure out what I thought I wanted wasn’t what I needed.  God already has me right where He wants me.

When you’re a stay-at-home Mom turned Homeschool Mom,  in your head your life is literally the definition of ordinary.  You are largely unnoticed.  Most people don’t understand you or what you do.  You do much of the same thing every single day with the same little people.  Yes, I’m there with you, and I understand if you feel you live the painfully ordinary life.

But we don’t have to believe the lie that our lives lack deep meaning.  Because when we view our lives as just ‘ordinary,’ we miss the mark by a long shot.  No one life is ordinary and no one person is ordinary – we are all unique with unique gifts and callings, and we were placed on this earth in this season, in this century, for a PURPOSE.

The Christ-life is upside down, Friends.  The world says you need to continuously strive for more, more, more!  Don’t settle for the ‘ordinary’!  No, you need a bigger house, a new kitchen, a better wardrobe, a better job, more money, more success, more exposure…

He says, be glad, no – rejoice, always.  And always means

right where you are.

Because when we long for something else, we miss what is right here.  I know a lot of successful people that are missing the right here.  The kids, the husband, the family life, the friends, everything that really matters – missing it.  And if we’re missing it, we’re ruining it, and we never get a second chance at this very moment.

When we long for something else,

we despise what we’ve got.

And isn’t that like saying we deserve more?  Different? Better?  Aren’t we saying to God, “Hey, You ripped me off!”

It doesn’t mean we can’t dream – of course we can.  But it means the dreaming for the future should never cause us to despise the present.  Whether you’re a Homeschool Mom who longs to succeed in business or ministry or other areas of life or you’re a single professional who longs to be a Homeschool Mom – rejoice.  Right where you are.

What one person views as ‘ordinary’ another thinks is whimsical.  The grass is always greener, isnt’ it?  What Christ says is this: be content right where you are.  Until we can grow in maturity to fully embrace where God has placed us,  He can never take us further.  We can never fully, completely enter into this season and know that nothing surrounding us is meaningless.

Everything is beautiful and crazy and wildly spiritual.  Don’t believe for one moment that your days are just blips – ordinary nothings.  Reject the lies and embrace the truth.  Your life is sacred, your minutes are blessed, and your weeks are spattered with grace.  True, deep-down joy finds us when we see the ‘everyday ordinary’ as profoundly purposeful.

Let’s stop striving for the next season.  It may never come – nothing is guaranteed.  We can’t throw away today for an unknown tomorrow.  Look around you this moment and embrace where you are right now…

and I’ll do the same.

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    1. We are so glad you loved it Beth! We love it too. We miss Cassandra. She is in the middle of fostering children and cannot share about it on social media. She is a blessing to all who know her.

  1. Really needed to hear this. I’m right there. I think I finally needed to wake up to this reality that i am in God’s will right where I’m at. Rough when reality hits you but in a good way lol

  2. Wow, I love this so much. These are truths that I need to remember every day – because I tend to forget these truths every day. Thank you!

  3. Exactly what I needed to read. I am honoured God chose my husband and I to raise our 2 kids. When he crafted them in my womb he chose us. I guess sometimes that responsibility can feel overwhelming at times. Especially when it comes to homeschooling. I struggled in school so can feel ill equipped to teach our kids, but this reminded me that God has equipped me with exactly what I need to help them thrive. So true that we need to push away the lies and hear God’s truth. When you see others succeed in their career you feel as if you are not succeeding. But if I can be apart of my kids success then that is more than enough.

    Thank you for sharing.
    I am sad to read you can no longer share due to fostering, but know that God has you where you need to be. Those kids are incredibly blessed to have you as their Mum.

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