Low Tech Gifts for Moms

Buying Christmas gifts for others can be so much fun! And giving them to friends and relatives makes us feel good–especially when we find just the right gift. But some folks can be so hard to buy for!


Below you’ll find some fun ideas for the ladies (like your sister, mom, art teacher, etc.) you’d like to give a gift to this Christmas season. (These are low-tech gifts for those who want to enjoy life and take some time away from electronics!) And you might just want to suggest that your own family members give you some of the gifts found here!


This is a beautiful soy wax candle with a relaxing ylang ylang and jasmine scent! And the best thing about it is that it burns for 60 to 80 hours! What mom wouldn’t love this beautiful candle and lovely scent on a cold winter evening?



Do you have a fun-loving mom on your gift list? If so, this is a perfect gift for her! This is a super-cute set of Loch Ness Monster kitchen gadgets! They include a soup ladle, tea infuser, and colander. Imagine how cute these will look on the counter or with their heads bobbing above the soup on the dinner table!




This facial cleansing brush is great for deep cleansing, removing oil and makeup, and exfoliation. It can also be used for promoting circulation and facial massage.




You may not have ever heard of aloe-infused socks, but they are fantastic! They are super soft, and they make your feet cozy and warm while helping to keep feet moisturized.





This bath bomb set is made of 100% pure, natural, organic ingredients and essential oils. Each set contains 6 ultra-moisturizing fizzy bath bombs for a variety of purposes (relaxation, energy, etc.). They smell lovely and won’t stain your tub. They are vegan and gluten free, and they are made without toxic fragrances or dyes.



This fruit infuser water bottle is great for moms who want to drink water but who want to make it more fun than plain boring water! Use it to infuse water with fruits (like strawberries, lemons, peaches, etc.) or herbs such as mint (which is very refreshing on a hot day or after a workout).




What a sweet Christmas gift this will make for Mom! It’s a fill-in-the-blank What I Love About Mom book. You can make it funny, sweet, or a little of both! This will be something Mom will keep and treasure forever.




lucy One thing many moms don’t take much time to do is sit and watch a good TV show! My own mom loves the old I Love Lucy TV series, so I’m planning to buy the entire series for her this year. (I hope she doesn’t read this!) And if your friend or relative might enjoy a different series better, there are plenty of them to choose from!


books-2 Another thing many moms would love to do is sit and read a good book! There are so many great books to be read! If you know what books the mom in your life would enjoy, buy a single book or a whole series of them.



amazon-gift-card And if you’re not sure, you can always buy an Amazon gift card so she choose just what she wants to read. (Or what else she wants to buy if she’s not a reader.)



keurig Or what about a really good coffee maker? Many of us like to start the day–especially during the winter–with a hot cup of coffee. Whether the mom you’re buying for likes caffeinated or decaffeinated, a great coffee maker may be just what she needs to start each day on the right foot!


adult-coloring-books I know lots of moms who enjoy taking some time to color in the adult coloring books that are so popular right now. It’s fun and can be very relaxing to do something creative and calming. My daughter, who is very artsy-craftsy, loves it when I color with her, so this is something that can be enjoyed together!

prismacolor And if you’re going to color, you’ll need some great colored pencils! I personally love love love Prismacolor colored pencils. The colors are bold and bright, and they are very smooth and just plain beautiful.


mom-coffee-mug I had NO idea there were so many great coffee mugs available! We already discussed that a coffee maker makes a great gift for moms who like to start the day with a few minutes of relaxation and a cup of coffee, so how about a cute, funny, or inspirational message on a coffee cup? And if you’re a Southerner like me, you have to have this coffee cup. And here’s a great travel mug too!


diffuser For moms who are interested in using essential oils, this beautiful diffuser makes a great gift! It has automatic shut-off, can work for 8 to 12 hours without refilling, and it even has soothing, colored, adjustable lights. And of course Mom will need a few essential oils to start off with! This basic starter set of EOs is perfect for someone who’s new to using them. Or you can choose from a variety of other sets of oils or individual oils.



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  1. These are all such great ideas- I mean a single working mom who homeschools my only daughter and I struggle when my family asks for gift ideas- but I love all of these- and I’ll use these for gift giving this year too!

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