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Celebrate Collect Rocks Day!

Celebrate September 16: Collect Rocks Day!

My kids just adore rocks and gemstones. We’re always collecting and admiring rocks wherever we go. Sometimes, we acquire rocks as souvenirs when we travel (Make sure that’s legal where you visit!).

Celebrate Collect Rocks Day

My girls are enjoying reading through these Geology Calendar Connections every morning this month.

Rocks and Minerals Calender Time

We have a different theme each month for our circle time. Sometimes it’s really informal, and other months we have notebooking pages or cards to complete with our facts.

We love making learning fun with breaks from our regular curriculum to study interests.

Some fun activities to study rocks, minerals, and gemstones:


Have fun with this edible rock project.

Get crafty and make a pet rock! Be creative. Paint it, glue on googly eyes, and give it hair!

Go on a nature walk and collect pretty rocks. Look them up online or in a guide book. Discuss texture, color, class.


Units and Links:

Field Trips:


How do you study nature in your homeschool?

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