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Thank you for linking up with us on our Hip Homeschool Hop! We’re glad to have you. And if you’re here to take a look around and find some fun topics, good information, ideas, or support, we’re glad to have you too! But first we hope you’ll take a look at some of our favorite posts from last week’s Hop. Enjoy!

HHM The-secret-to-easy-homeschooling

Wendy blogs at Homeschooling Blessings, and one of her favorite posts from last week was The Secret to Easy Homeschooling. Wendy said, “Although every homeschool is different, this article shares some information that many homeschooling families can benefit from. I wish someone had shared tips like this with me when I first started homeschooling 18 years ago!”

HHM homemade-gift-ideas-resized

Another of Wendy’s favorites from last week was Quick & Easy Homemade Gift Ideas. “I am a procrastinator by nature. Although I have completed most of my Christmas shopping, I still lack just a few gifts, so I was happy to see this article! I don’t have a lot of extra time, so these ideas are perfect for me.”


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