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Love, Joy, & Peace Craft in English, Spanish, & Chinese

Love, Joy & Peace Craft in English, Spanish & Chinese

The Fruit of the Spirit is awesome. I love teaching it to my children. For this lesson, I picked the first three on the list found at Galatians 5:22 and 23. We read the passage and talked about the first three: love, joy, and peace. We spoke about examples for each and how we can show and grow each of these in our lives.

This is the craft we made: a wind chime or wall art, whatever you want it to be. We made ours in English, Spanish, and Chinese, just to double up our lesson. Now it is a Bible lesson AND a language lesson. Cool, huh?

English Love, Joy & Peace Craft in English, Spanish & Chinese

For the English part of the lesson, I used felt fruit and labels. For the craft, we used six  colored index cards and markers. They picked their favorite colors and the wrote “love” on two cards, “joy” on two cards, and “peace” on two cards. Then they decorated the cards as they liked with markers.

Chinese Love, Joy & Peace Craft in English, Spanish & Chinese While the cards in English dried, we moved on to our Chinese part of the craft. I used a regular alphabet stamp set and a Chinese character stamp set. I also used stamp pads in different colors and homemade play dough. First, we picked six index cards and wrote the Chinese pinyin for love, joy, and peace, which are “ai,” “fu,” and “ping.”

On one love, joy and peace card, we used the alphabet stamps to stamp those same words. They really enjoyed this activity. Next, I placed a small blob of homemade play dough on a piece of paper and had my children press the Chinese character stamps on each blob. They took about a day to dry/harden.

Spanish Love, Joy & Peace Craft in English, Spanish & Chinese And lastly, we picked six index cards used alphabet letter stickers to spell the words “love, joy, and peace” in Spanish, which are “amor, gozo, paz.” They also used markers to spell the words and decorate the cards. It was fun watching them learn the same three words in three languages and with the Bible lesson, they now knew what each means and how to live them out in their lives.

Craft Love, Joy & Peace Craft in English, Spanish & Chinese Once the play dough Chinese character were dry, I took a few pieces of string, some tape and had my children look for some twigs outside to make this wind chime or wall art. You can see that we picked six cards for each language because they create a double-sided effect. In the first picture, you can see the front and below it, you can see the back.

I hope you enjoyed reading this lesson and hopefully, you’ll be inspired to learn languages in your homeschool. 🙂

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