Weather Printables & Activities for Kids

Our weather is constantly changing! It is such a fascinating topic at our home. We are always learning about rain and wind, rainbows and snow. In this blog post, you will find a list 30 wonderful ideas that you can use to teach your kids about weather.

What is the Difference between Weathering and Erosion? {Free Printables}

Have you ever tried to learn about how the earth changes by the elements? The two effects of air and water are weathering and erosion.


Erosion vs Weathering ~ Awesome Science STEM Activities

We share a STEM experiment that shows really well the difference between erosion and weathering.


Kid Science Lab Kits: Extreme Weather

Oh, wow! You are not going to believe what we just made with our kid science lab kit! A tornado! Snow! A volcano! It was fantastic!


Our Favorite Toddler Rainbow Activities

Spring is almost here and along with it, comes all kind of awesomeness, including rainbows, of course.


Kids Snow Activities ~ Make your own snow!

You can teach your kids about the science of snow, too, with these activities for kids.


Weather Lapbook and Printables

Book Lessons and Themes: weather, frost, thunder, lightning, rain, dew, hail, types of clouds, snow, rainbows, wind, temperature, air pressure.


DIY Frost

This is a quick, easy experiment to show little ones how FROST is made!


Weather ASL Coloring Pages

Kids can study the ASL letters on the color printables to learn which letters match up with the English alphabet.


Kids art :: painting with the rain

This kids art idea is a perfect rainy day activity – we’re painting with the rain!



This is such a cute and easy craft for toddlers to make!


Rainbow Rainy Day Art Kids STEAM

Rainbow rainy day art is a simple STEAM activity for kids. Kids love to draw using a rainbow of colors and watch how quickly their drawings are transformed by the rain.


Make a Hurricane

This is a great experiment and visual on how hurricanes work.


Color & Rainbow Crafts & Activities

Have you been looking for ways to teach your children about colors and rainbows? Are you looking at just finding some fun crafts and activities that include colors and/or rainbows? And you know what? They are all amazing!


10 Simple Weather Activities for Kids that Require Little or No Prep (Free Printable)

Kids always love learning about the weather! Here are 10 simple weather activities for kids you can do that require little or no prep!



A simple water cycle science discovery bottle to explore earth science! It’s definitely fun to make fizzy eruptions and explosions, but it is also important to learn about the world around us.


How to make a Rain Gauge at Home

A rain gauge measures rainfall. Rainfall is usually measured in millimeters, but for learning at home we created a rain gauge and measured inches of rain.


Observe & Sketch the Weather: Printable Calendar for Kids

Our weather calendar printable can be used for any month and is a great way to engage your preschooler in various weather related learning activities.


Free March Calendar Pieces and Calendars SMART Board

This post has free March calendar pieces and calendars to download.


Science at Home: Make a Cloud in a Jar

Learn about weather with some activities that make science at home fun. Clouds are interesting and mysterious to kids.


Ways to make a Rainbow

We had tons of fun finding different ways to make them too!


Rainbow Sun Catcher

This paper plate rainbow would make a great spring craft.


Printable Spanish Flashcards: Spanish Weather Flashcards

These cards are great for learning how to use common Spanish weather expressions!


20 Ways to Play in the Rain Kids Outside Activities

Here, you will find twenty fun ways we found to get outside, connect, and play in the rain.


Cloud Watching & Observing Air Movement

We can observe the air moving in the atmosphere simply by looking at the clouds.


Observing the Strength of the Wind – Science for Kids

In this activity, wind is created with a small fan to determine how much weight the wind can move.


How to Make a Snowman Craft to Measure Snowfall

Make the best of winter snow in your area with a fun snowman gauge to measure the amount of snowfall.


Weather Science Experiment: Warm & Cold Front Model

It’s a weather science experiment!! How do you explain a cold front or warm front to your kiddos? With a visual, hands-on model!


Weather stones

Make art and describe weather with beautifully decorated rocks!


Painting Rain with Printable Art Prompt

What is the colour of rain? Give the rain painting prompts to children along with watercolour paints and find out!


Weather sensory

Toddlers will love experiencing and creating the weather in this activity!


Paper Plate Sun Craft for Preschoolers

Preschoolers will love making this Paper Plate Sun Craft.


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