Lovely Quilled Snowflake

Have you ever done any paper quilling crafts in your homeschool? You may have noticed that we’ve shared several quilling crafts lately! Here are a few reasons we think you should give paper quilling a try!

  1. Paper quilling is fun and doable for all ages.
  2. It fosters creativity and helps children to recognize patterns.
  3. There are no sharp, pointy objects or hot glue to worry about!
  4. The finished product always looks gorgeous.

Today we’re bringing you an especially gorgeous paper tutorial for this Lovely Quilled Snowflake design. These quilled snowflakes are as intricate as the real thing, but made with paper instead of snow–so you can keep them as long as you like! We think you and your children will love making these pretty, quilled snowflakes and using them to decorate your home! Enjoy!

To find the instructions for making your own lovely quilled snowflakes, just click the link below!

Lovely Quilled Snowflake Tutorial

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