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Science Experiment, Temptation, and the Bible

Do your kids love science? How about you?   What about science experiments? Would you love them even more if those experiments helped teach biblical truths?  Here’s a simple experiment to show how God helps us resist temptation.

A Science Experiment, Temptation, and Bible


My four boys and I love all things science-related, especially science experiments. But let me tell you, I haven’t always been so willing to do them. For many years, I had trouble with getting messy. I preferred things to stay neat and organized–free of spills, stickiness, mud, or unexplained residue. God knew this and blessed me with four boys. Four. Boys. I had to learn to handle everyday messes, but I struggled with the idea of purposefully getting messy. You know, the “ Let's get messy and learn! ” time.

In avoiding those amazing hands-on learning opportunities, I realized we were missing out on some real-life blessings from God. And in the process, my heart was changed and I no longer felt the need to control the mess or my kids’ very strong desire to explore and discover. These are desires that God created in them.

temptation and bible4

Now, I embrace the mess. I hold dear the moments when we are deep into a science experiment or project and there are four little boy faces staring in amazement at the wonder of their new-found discovery….and there’s a mess all around us and possibly even all over us. And I’m thrilled because they’re learning and loving it. After all, wasn’t that my desire for them when we began homeschooling?

4 Reasons Why I Love Including Science Experiments in Our Homeschool

There are so many reasons why I love science experiments and science in general, but there are four that keep me searching for more and adding them in as a regular part of our weekly science lessons.

1. Actively Involving My Kids’ Senses

Getting my kids actively involved in anything that engages all or most of their senses almost always grabs their attention and encourages them to ask a lot of great questions. That’s learning at its best.

2. Giving My Kids a Common Goal

I try to choose experiments that my boys can do together. This gives them something common to work toward and provides them the opportunity to rely on one another for help. In a home where we often struggle with sibling rivalry, attitude issues, and strong feelings and opinions, I’m relieved to see brotherly love and kindness.

3. Inspiring My Kids to Explore and Discover

Often after we’ve completed our experiments and the mess is cleaned up, I notice something that wasn’t there before we began…inspiration. This is one way we, as moms, can inspire our kids to keep learning, keep exploring, and keep discovering all that God has for them.

4. Turning Our Experiment Into an Object Lesson

In preparing for a science experiment or project, one of the first things I do is find a biblical application that I can include. This then turns our experiment into an object lesson. When I apply God’s Word in a very specific way to our lesson, it cements the discovery with attached biblical truths.

A Science Experiment and Object Lesson Illustrating How God Helps Us Resist Temptation

Here is an example of a really fun and simple experiment we did recently. It was not only a great science experiment that my boys enjoyed, but I was also able to use it to illustrate the fact that God helps us resist temptation.

Balloon Vs. Bottle

  1. First, we found a glass bottle with a small opening at the top.
  2. We then filled a water balloon to a little larger than the opening of the jar.
  3. Then we rubbed a little water around the rim of the bottle and asked my boys to try and push the balloon into the bottle. They couldn’t.
  4. So, I explained that there was a way for that balloon to get sucked into the bottle. This intrigued them.
  5. Then I lit a small strip of paper on fire and dropped it into the bottle.
  6. My oldest son set the water balloon on top of the bottle, and I watched as four pairs of eyes widened with curiosity as that balloon was literally sucked into the bottle like magic.

steps for science experiment

The Physics

The warmer air on the inside of the bottle takes up more room than cool air. Once the fire goes out, after putting the balloon on top of the bottle, the air cools and then takes up less room. That makes more space inside the bottle causing the pressure of the air from the outside to push the balloon into the bottle.

“Do it again, mom!”

But before we could try it again, we needed to get that balloon out. They took turns trying to pull it out. No luck. I told them that there was one way out. A straw! With the balloon still inside the bottle, we placed the straw inside, grabbed the tip of the balloon, and easily pulled it out.

The balloon got caught in the mouth of the bottle because no air could get around it. But, when we added the straw, it let air into the bottle. The air pressure on the inside and the outside stayed equal allowing us to pull the balloon out.

The Biblical Truth

Ready? The balloon represents you and me. The fire and pressure on the inside of that bottle are like the literal pressure and temptation we encounter each day of our lives. And the straw is God, always and forever providing a way out.

1 Corinthians 10:13
“No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.”

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  1. Wow! I love this, Megan! What an exciting way to teach both science and the Bible!
    Can’t wait to try this with my kids!

    1. Hello Megan,
      I really appreciate what you said about God is our way out. I have been struggling with a food addiction since I was very young and God has bought me through every temptation including smoking cigarettes for 16 years. This is the last one to be conquered. Inhave faith in Jesus Christ that he will heel me from this last generational temptation.
      Thank You for inspiring me and many others, In Jesus name Amem?!

  2. Hi, I was just on your blog and saw on your first posting (back in 2007) that you took a homeschool course. I live in California, but was wondering what was the course and where was it at? Thank you

    1. Hi Wendi,
      The homeschooling course I took was by Dave & Barb Shelton. They have written so many great books. Their homeschooling course was really good. The whole thing can be done from home and you can take as long as need to complete it. You can find it at: http://homeschooloasis.com/ If you scroll down the screen a bit, the course is called “A Season of Re-education and Renewing of the Mind. Taking their course was very worth it!


    1. Becky,
      I had also seen the egg in a bottle experiment, but not with the straw. I just happened to run across the balloon idea in a book we checked out from the library and loved the idea more than the egg. Plus, water balloons are always a hit around here. Hope you and your kids have fun doing this experiment!


    1. Oh Carlie, thank you so very much! We really enjoyed this particular science experiment. I love finding ways we can make Jesus famous to our kids WHILE learning and having fun (and getting messy). Thanks for sharing with your readers. You’re awesome!


  3. DIddo, diddo, diddo! I have 4 boys and choose to homeschool because I REFUSE to separate them. They learn well together, especially Bible and science and I, too, hate messes, and used to avoid all projects that would make a mess. Now we do science experiments, cook, bake and make messes all the time!

    1. Rachel,
      Your comment has made my day! I love to hear about moms gettin’ messy with their kids, especially the ones who aren’t natural born mess makers. And you really can’t help it with all boys….you just have to, right?! So glad to hear you are enjoying those hands on activities and projects with them. It took a lot for me to get over my fear of disorder and messiness, but I’m quite certain it’s all part of God’s plan. I just had to let it go and I’m so glad I did, with His leading. It’s more fun this way. 🙂

      Hope you enjoy the rest of your day with your 4 boys!!!

  4. I love to make messes. Science is a great subject for changing colors, liquids to vapor, and making sticks!Be proud of your mess or stink!

    1. Beverly,
      LOL!!! “be proud of your mess or stink!” I wholeheartedly agree with you! You nailed it. Thank you! By the way, you have some really great printables on your scribd site.

  5. Hello my friend,
    This was such a fun science experiment. We’ve done it several times now. I’m finding that its actually pretty easy to apply Scripture to most any science experiment or project. Would love to get together soon and do some science/bible activities together. Miss you all!

    1. That would be awesome 🙂 My online class is over the first week in April. Hopefully we’ll have some sunny weather to play outside!

  6. As a HS’ing mom of three boys I LOVE this! I have a hard time getting motivated to do experiements as well…but I love this concept. I will be much more excited to teach our next one. Thanks so much!

    1. Courtney,
      You are so very welcome. I was so hesitant myself, but adding in the biblical teaching has been so rewarding. I bet your boys will love it too. From one boy mama to another, ENJOY! I’d love to hear about your next science experiment.
      Many blessings,

  7. I love this article Megan. You are inspiring to me! I also just purchased the Resurrection study by Grapevine that you posted. Thanks for helping us moms! I would love to see you sometime too!

    1. Hi Kim,
      So sorry…your comment must have slipped by me. Thank you so much for your kind words. So glad you were able to get the Grapevine Resurrection Study. You and your kids will love it. Take care and blessings to you…

  8. As a science teacher, I often find great ideas on http://www.experiland.com for my students. They have some really fun science experiments for kids to do at home as well and come highly recommended by other homeschooling sites! Their experiments are well laid out and easy to follow…Good luck!

  9. Thanks for this awesome idea! I am leading a group of children at church on Wednesday nights and wanted to do something different for the Summer. So, I decided to do some fun lessons and try to find some experiments that would go along with them. This one will be a hit for sure. I am trying it out tonight!

  10. hai megan,
    Praise be to HIS Mighty Name;
    thanks a lot for the object lesson,today i am going to apply this lesson in His ministry.
    let your good deed continue………………..Amen

  11. This is really amazing….. I am homeschooling my son also. I tried the experiment with him and he loved it.


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