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YouTube 4 Teens Course (for Fun or Income!)

Two great things about teens are their fearlessness and their energy! (Well, ok, their energy once we’re able to pry them out of bed in the morning!) These two characteristics may be the very ones that cause them to get into so much trouble, too. So how about channeling that fearlessness and extra energy in a positive way? I have a suggestion for a way to do this, and your teens will probably (no kidding!) actually enjoy it!

YouTube 4 Teens class

Many teens who homeschool have time built into the day to explore their own interests, work on hobbies, and dive deeper into their own personal interests. Many teens also enjoy watching YouTube videos. They like to see celebrities or even other teens similar to themselves (who aren’t necessarily celebrities) doing all kinds of interesting things. They enjoy watching funny videos. They enjoy discovering new products, video games, information, how-tos, and more. It’s fun to watch and learn–even though they don’t always realize they’re learning when they’re watching.

YouTube 4 Teens Course (for Fun or Income!)

You and your teens may have never thought of the possibility of taking your teens’ love of YouTube and turning it into a hobby or even a money-maker! But it is possible. In fact, I’d like to tell you about it! It’s a course called YouTube 4 Teens.

  • YouTube 4 Teens is a 12-hour (36 lessons) online course for teens. It is available in both a Christian or a secular/charter school version. 

This course teaches teens to:

  • start a YouTube channel
  • choose content
  • create footage
  • edit footage
  • market the channel
  • develop a growth strategy

The course includes information on how to make money from the channel too (as part of the marketing and growth strategy info). So for those who have young entrepreneurs, be sure to check out this class! The information your teens learn will, of course, help them with their YouTube channel, but it also includes helpful information to apply to other businesses and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Note from Wendy: For those who are concerned about online safety, the course emphasizes safety and responsibility too!

I’ve included a very short video that gives you a quick overview of the YouTube 4 Teens course.


What actually happens during a YouTube 4 Teens class?

There are several activities your teens will regularly do as part of this course.

  • They watch videos with information/lessons.
  • They watch interviews with established YouTube content creators.
  • They work on tasks that help them work toward developing their own YouTube channels.
  • They also get to follow a case study including two teens who are starting a YouTube channel.

In fact, by the end of the course, your teen will have the opportunity to create (or at least come up with ideas for) 25 videos for their own YouTube channel.

Of course there’s lots more involved, but these are the basics. There is a self-analysis worksheet that’s a great tool for helping your teens figure out why they might want to start a YouTube channel and to help pick a subject on which to base the channel. There are also occasional assessments.

A teen whose mom is part of the Hip Homeschool Moms audience was given the YouTube 4 Teens course for free in exchange for taking the class and sharing her honest opinion about it. I also asked her mom to chime in and give us her opinion about it.

Julia’s Review of YouTube 4 Teens

What was your favorite thing about the class?

My favorite part was watching the video lessons. The teacher, Damon Evans, makes the lessons so much fun, so I really enjoyed watching them! He used skits, jokes, videos, and his own real-life experiences for us to relate to. I also learned a lot. He made things easy to understand.

What is one interesting or helping thing you learned from the class?

I think the most helpful thing I learned was to base my YouTube channel on something I’m personally interested in and not just something that is popular right now. If I base my channel on something that’s popular but not something I really enjoy, I won’t be motivated to create videos to share. Also, the passion I feel for my favorite things will make the videos I make more appealing and fun for my viewers.

I also learned a lot about how to market my channel. That was something I really hadn’t thought much about before taking this class. To be honest, I wouldn’t have thought about using my parents’ social media to help market my channel, but that’s one tip I learned. Because my parents have had their social media accounts for a while, they have more social reach than I do, so that’s a good place to start.

What kinds of things did you do for the class?

I completed a self-analysis worksheet which helped me think about my goals and what I would do with a YouTube channel. I watched video lessons and then completed worksheets to help cement in my mind what I learned in the lessons. I also learned how to plan, edit, and shoot a YouTube video. I created my own Purpose Statement to help me keep on track with the content I create. I also wrote down Deep Thoughts–which was kind of like journaling. It was a section ien my notebook with creative writing prompts for the purpose of helping me be creative with my videos.

Did you take tests or assessments?

There were no actual tests or assessments. Instead, I did fill-in-the-blank worksheets after each video. However, shooting my own video is comparable to a test in a typical class. Tests gauge what students have learned, so the final video was the “test” to gauge what I learned about making a video for my YouTube channel.

Who do you think would enjoy this class?

I think anyone who is interested in YouTube or in creating a YouTube channel would like this class–especially a person who’s interested in starting a YouTube channel but doesn’t know where to start or what to do.

It would be good for someone who has a hobby to share or someone who’s interested in taking what they know and sharing it with others in a fun and interesting way.

It would also be great for a person who wants to use what he or she knows to make money! People who have knowledge about things like video games, music, art, arts & crafts, history, dance, or even movies would all be great possible YouTube channel topics.

Any other thoughts you’d like to share about the class?

Yes! One thing I didn’t mention earlier but that I really liked about the class was that the assignments didn’t have to be turned in by a specific date. The workbook laid out everything that was expected of me so I could make sure to finish each assignment. I was able to start at the beginning and go at my own pace through the end.

Note from Wendy: If you want to set your teens’ assignments to be due on certain dates, you may do that. This course, however, gives your teens the opportunity to work at their own pace and be responsible for setting their own deadlines and keeping up with their own progress. If you have a teen who needs more supervision or assistance, of course you can jump in and help keep your teen accountable. The parent gets to choose whether or not to be involved and how much to be involved.

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About the Reviewer

Julia is a 16-year-old homeschooler who loves to read, dance, and play music. She plays in the worship band at church and is on the competition team at her dance studio.  Julia hopes to have a career in Marine Biology. She loves Harry Potter and K-Pop.


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