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8 Must Have Art Supplies for the Artistic Homeschool

If you have artistic children, you may be thinking about materials for the upcoming year. What are the best art supplies for your homeschool art class?

One thing that we all want to give our kids as homeschoolers is the opportunity to excel in their abilities. That’s the beauty of homeschooling! We have the freedom to focus on our children’s gifts and talents and help them to develop their God-given potential.

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 Art Supplies You’ll Want in Your Homeschool Classroom

One way you can begin encouraging your artistic child is with wonderful materials. They don’t have to be complicated or expensive, and you can build up your materials over time.

 Drawing Items for the Artistic Homeschool

Items for the Artistic Homeschool
The Sketch Pad

#1. All artists begin with drawing.

So the number one thing to provide your young artist with is a basic  Sketch Pad. Any unlined notebook can work.

In the beginning, any pencils with a good eraser will be fine as well. So you don’t need to spend a ton of money to get started. (What you will see in the photos of this post have been accumulated over time.)

Items for the Artistic Homeschool
Pencils and Colored Pencils

#2.  Colored Pencils and good quality drawing pencils

Coloring pencils and good quality drawing pencils are the perfect way to add color and depth to drawings. Once your child gets sketching, add good pencils. A good kneaded eraser and blending tools such as stumps are also fun to start using.

Items for the Artistic Homeschool
Choose items supporting specific interest.

Sometimes you will find that perfect drawing resource that will inspire your child in their development. I found this Comic Book Sketch Pad at Hobby Lobby and thought it would be perfect for teaching children drawing with comics.

 Use a variety of mediums.

Items for the Artistic Homeschool
Charcoals and grayscale pastels.

#3. Take shading to the next level with Charcoals and Charcoal Pencils.

I wish I had taken more time myself when growing up to learn to draw with charcoals. They can do things that graphite just can’t.  My son was not very interested in charcoals but my daughter has used them quite a bit and still does.

As for me, it’s never to late to homeschool yourself, is it? After all Grandma Moses didn’t begin painting till she was 76!

#4. Now try it with color. 

Oil Pastel Sets are terrific for a step beyond crayons. And Chalk Pastels offer a quality replacement to plain old chalk.

If you are not sure how to get your young person started with pastels I can highly recommend  Getting Started in Chalk Pastel Art. You will need a fixative to prevent smudging. Believe it or not, a simple can of hairspray works best!

What are the best items for the Artistic Homeschool?
Use the right paper for the medium used.

#5. Varieties of Paper are also important.

In the beginning, any paper will do but as you add different mediums to the mix you will need different types of paper. To keep it simple at first, you can go to any craft store to find multimedia paper. It’s a bit heavier quality than regular paper so you can use heavier materials on it.

Start with that and then go from there finding the right paper for the right work of art.

Painting Supplies for the Artistic Homeschool

Items for the Artistic Homeschool

#6.  Watercolors are a MUST for our homeschool.

I like to use them in our nature journals.  At first, starting with simple washable watercolors is totally fine. However, if you or your child has a real knack for watercolor why not invest in some good quality watercolors?

I just bought some good paint brushes and a nice quality set of watercolors for myself and I am anxious to get to using them!

Items for the Artistic Homeschool

#7. And of course, you want some basic oil paint and acrylics.

BASICS Acrylic Paint,  blank canvases, and Fine Art Paint Brushes for Acrylic, Oil, or Watercolors are all a must. I like acrylics because they dry quickly and are easy to clean up with water. For kids, I think it’s the best and most economical option.

The type of brushes you are using do make a difference so buy what you will need and don’t limit yourself to any particular type. Experiment and use what works best for you. Shop for the best buys and use store coupons for canvases.

Keep Your Kids’ Art Together in Portfolios.

#8. In addition, you absolutely must have a portfolio for your child’s work.

This is a record of your child’s achievement and a showcase for their ability. Now that my oldest children are grown, it’s wonderful to still have their many art pieces, some of which I displayed here in these photos.

And I treasure them.

Items for the Artistic Homeschool

Some other supplies you may want to have on hand for multimedia projects are crafty scissors, mod podge, and various adhesives. Craft supplies were not included in this post as I wanted to focus more on fine art.

This list could go on and on as you explore sculpture, pottery, glass art, and more with your children. You may have a craftsman or sculptor on your hands. Maybe you don’t spend too much time on drawing because your child prefers to create interesting works with pressed flowers.

Don’t limit your child with what you want them to do.  Better yet, help them find their creative flare. Who knows, they may create the next new art genre, niche, or motif all their own!

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  1. Do you have a homeschool art curriculum you would recommend? my 7 y/o LOVES art but I have no idea what I’m doing or how to guide her to grow her skills.

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