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Creativity – An Unexpected Result of Homeschooling

Most people view homeschooling as a time of focusing on academics or pursuit your children’s passions.  But can it also foster creativity? Absolutely!  With homeschooling, you can nurture the creative side in every child!

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Our 6 year old daughter is wildly creative and has a huge imagination. She is always making little creations from craft supplies, designing her own little books, staging videos on her camera and more.  In her mind, there will never be enough costumes in our house to satisfy all the things she wants to act out. Now that her little sister is old enough to act out her parts during pretend play, she has a second person to add into her adventures. It is such fun for me to see what new and imaginative thing she is going to come up with.

Last week the girls wanted to get out the play dough, and I like to give them different odds and ends to create with.  For this play session I gave them Popsicle sticks and buttons. A bit of time passed and she called me over to see her creation – The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

creativity can be a result of homeschooling

After my husband took some photos, I was struck by how creative our girls really are because they have time to play and time to use their imagination. I realized that kids who have to go to school each day are being pushed from thing to thing to thing without the chance to stop and create.

I have worked part time for my church for the last 7 years running a mentorship program in an elementary school. The kids have to line up, go in class, listen to the teacher, do the same worksheet, line up, go to the bathroom, back to class, line up, go to lunch, go to PE, line up, go back to class, and everyone does the same coloring sheet or craft. Then they pack up their backpacks and go home to do their homework and start all over the next day. From everything I have witnessed, they are on the move from thing to thing or just sitting in class listening because there are so many students to teach. Students used to have art as part of their week, but more and more districts are cutting that because they say they lack funding.

Since I only have 2 students we can finish our official school quickly. That gives our girls so much time to play together and to do the crafts and other activities I offer up throughout the day. They are free to run around outside and pretend their play set is a hotel, the Batcave, a hospital, Target, or anything else.  Since they have so much free time compared to other kids their age, I have found that time to play leads to their huge imaginations! This is something I never would have expected when we started to homeschool, but it is so beautiful to watch.

How has homeschooling foster creativity in your kids?

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Louanne lives in Texas with her awesome husband and two daughters, whom she homeschools. She loves Jesus, cookies, reading and scrapbooking (when she has time). Louanne also enjoys finding coupon deals, making gifts with her Cricut and Taste of Home cookbooks.


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  • I very much agree with homeschool empowering children to be creative and develop their interest. There is more time for free exploration and time to really develop an art project. People are always surprised at how “artistic” my children are and the quality of their art. But I know that all children are artistic and talented. However, they might not have the time to explore their creativity. Yeah for homeschool!

  • It is wonderful for children to be able to express their own creativity and homeschooling definitely allows for this. My oldest LOVES to read, write stories and play the violin. When she went to public school five years ago she did not have enough free time to enjoy any of those activities. It would be even worse now that she is in a higher grade.

  • Even with our “official” school work, I love that my kids have time to add their own creativity into their work.