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Creating a Masterpiece Review & Giveaway

You may remember reading in my last post here at Hip Homeschool Moms, about the journey my family has traveled in regards to crafting and art projects. It’s not surprising to me our homeschool has lacked in any kind of formal art instruction but my boys have a love, a true enjoyment of creating things and it was with great joy I agreed to review the product I present to you today!!

Creating a Masterpiece offers step-by-step DVD art instruction, guided by a talented and well-spoken artist, Sharon Hofer. Sharon teaches students in a variety of mediums with more being added each year. Your children can receive easy to follow lessons in charcoal drawing, sculpture, pencil drawing, watercolor painting, acrylic painting, ink, or pastel painting.

My two older sons, Caleb (10) and Devin (8) were excited to try one of the DVD’s from the Level 1: Complete Set – Lessons in Acrylic: Spring Flowers.

Creating a Masterpiece

We gathered our materials and settled in for an afternoon of painting. Sharon begins by teaching about the medium with which we will be working. She speaks in a clear, consistent and patient tone, in a way that is easily understood.

Creating a Masterpiece

Our teacher was very good about explaining why she makes certain instructions, nor did she rush through the steps of the painting. Sharon is very encouraging, teaching her students perfectionism is not necessary. She impresses upon each listener that every painting will differ to reflect something of it’s artist. I appreciated this very much as I have two wildly different boys with night and day abilities and learning styles. Sharon made this painting possible for both of them!

Creating a Masterpiece

We allotted two days for the boys to complete their paintings. I believe the DVD is designed to be done in 4 or 5 sessions, with each section taking about an hour to complete. The end result was stunning, in my opinion!

Creating a MasterpieceCreating a Masterpiece

The boys and I greatly enjoyed this DVD and our art instruction, as did two happy grandmothers who received grandson painted sunflowers for Valentine’s Day!

I will say I wish there was an option to purchase a complete package of art curriculum from Creating a Masterpiece that included all needed materials and supplies but the items used can easily be purchased at any craft store and I imagine you save on the cost by doing so.

My boys thoroughly enjoyed working with the acrylic paint and I appreciate the DVDs can be purchased individually to allow your students to do more guided work with a material they love.

I believe the Creating a Masterpiece line of DVD art instruction to be a valuable tool for homeschool classrooms and cooperatives desiring fun, easy-to-do, beautiful and informative art lessons!

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Creating a Masterpiece Giveaway

How would you like to try Creating a Masterpiece with your family? We have two Level 1 DVDs to give away – Spring Flowers and the Peaceful Lake. Just enter below!

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Danielle is a big-city Southern California girl who, after a number of years spent enjoying the majesty of small-town Montana, moved back home to be near family and make a go of her backyard homesteading dreams. She’s married to her stud of a high school sweetheart and together they’re raising three handsome, rough-and-tumble young men. Their family loves the Lord and homeschooling is just one of the many ways they have endeavored to give their whole lives to Christ. Danielle and her family are having a blast working to turn their healthy DIY spirit into a more self-sufficient lifestyle.


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  • My 7yo LOVES to create art of all types. Art is definitely not something I am good at, so having a program like Creating a Masterpiece would be such a wonderful thing for both of us. 🙂

  • What lovely works of art =) You can see the pride in their darling little faces… I hope we win this. We are using Draw Write Now and really enjoying it.

  • This sounds like an interesting program, and your boys pieces turned out great, I would love to try it with my girls.

  • Their artwork is amazing!! We are not using a specific curriculum for art so far. We would love to use this program!!

  • This appears to be a great, organized, way to provide high quality art instruction from which even the parents can benefit. I would love the opportunity to use this with my children as my artistic gifts do not include drawing or painting!

  • The paintings turned out fabulous.
    I have a teen daughter that LOVES art, but has had no formal lessons – I know she’d love this. We tried another DVD but it sounds like this one is more suited toward how she learns. My three littles love art too – what fun this could be to use with them all.

  • Wow, they created wonderful paintings!! Kudos to them! We do have art in our curriculum, we learn a lot of artists and techniques but I do lack the skills to actually teach the application. This will close that gap for sure. I know for a fact that my kids(and their momma) will benefit from this! Thank you so much for the opportunity!!

  • I have zero art skills, so this would be so much help and would even be something that I could participate in also!

  • My daughter loves art and while I am crafty, I am not artistic past photography. I would love to help shape he budding interest with this program!

  • My boys are the same age and they enjoy drawing however some instruction would be wonderful! Their art work is wonderful. I so hope we win the dvd.

  • we dont have an art curriculum, i print seasonal sheets, color by numbers. we paint ceramics and wodden skeleton puzzles. these dvds look like what i am interested in.

  • My stepdaughter loves to draw, but I am terrible at it! She certainly can’t get any instruction from me, so this would be amazing for her!

    Thank you!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  • This would be a blessing for my kids. I keep trying to find a local art class, but they are all just priced too high for us. They love drawing, creating and making things, but I am anything but crafty, so I’m afraid I’m not much help to them. 🙂

  • Wow! Thanks for the review and opportunity to win. While I am creative, I have no idea how to go about teaching art properly. It’s our first year homeschooling and I would LOVE to win this. Thanks again for the opportunity.

  • Wow Danielle! Thanks so much for reviewing our product. We have been discussing the supplies issue here at Creating A Masterpiece as well. Sharon wanted to make it easier. So she has put a link on our website. Just click on “Blick U” and choose “Nebraska.” The supplies are arranged by DVD. Sharon picked the supplies she uses in her art studio. You can probably find the supplies even cheaper if you lower the quality a little.

    Anyone who wants more details on supply cost/quality can email me from our website!

  • Those paintings look so good! Its amazing that there is such a level of instruction as this! Does it have an age range? This looks like something that might get my nephew interested in art again!

  • This sounds amazing! We used a very formal art instruction program this past year, with the result of art becoming more of a chore and a bore. I’ve been looking for a way to breathe some life back into art again!

  • We do a lot of drawing, photography, and papercrafting. I would love to incorporate painting and sketching into our art lessons, time and organization are a challenge for us.

  • We have absolutely no art in our homeschool unfortunately. I find that I’m just not good at it, but this product looks great!

  • My son struggles with his motor skills and I think that this would be a great program to help him improve while having fun.

  • This looks like a great resource. All my kids love art and I am really lacking the creative energy to lead art lessons…I like how this would help young students produce a quality piece that they could be proud of and learn some fundamentals of art.

  • As the mama of 8 homeschooling kiddos, with different passions and abilities; I’m always trying to balance all their needs. However, they all just love love love art and they really want to learn more technical aspects as well as the creative side of this. This would be so wonderful and we really appreciate the opportunity to try to get this for our curriculum!

  • Art is intermittent and my ability to instruct is lacking. I have wide age gaps and one child with coordination difficulties. I hope that the non-perfectionist approach mentioned in the review will help all of us to relax and enjoy the process.

  • My boys love to draw, but we need a little bit more structure in the art part of our homeschool. 😉