Fun and Educational Geography Games and Activities

Learning can be fun! We speak at homeschool conventions around the United States and one of our sessions is our about how to make homeschool fun. We are big believers in embracing the freedom homeschooling offers us. So we take every opportunity to present information in a way that will encourage our children to remember it. There are many studies out that show that when our emotions are incorporated in the learning, we remember it. Laughter and fun really do function as memory glue. Here are some fun and educational geography games and activities.

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Geo Bingo


GeoBingo USA is a new twist on a classic game and a great way to make geography fun! The goal of GeoBingo is to get 5 countries in a row on one of the 8 GeoBingo Boards. 50 state cards show the capital, land area, population, and nickname. Watch the video below to understand how it is different and why it is challenging.


Sequence States and Capitals

Sequence States and Capitals.Test your knowledge of the states and their capitals in this fun version of the Sequence game. Each card has the name of a capital with it’s location shown on the state. Players match the state’s shape and color on the card to the same states shape and color on the board, then place your chip on that space. Five chips in a row wins!

Scrambled States of America

Scrambled States of America. This is one of our favorite geography games! Players learn the names, capitals, nicknames, shapes and positions of the states through a myriad of visual teasers, language riddles and geography challenges. After playing, you’ll see that there’s more to the 50 States than meets the eye!

United States Coloring Book 

United States Coloring Book. Which state — known as the “Golden State” — has trees that grow up to 300 feet high? Which East Coast state contains a re-creation of an authentic nineteenth-century sailing village? And which state leads all others in growing oranges? You’ll find the answers to these questions and many others in this exciting coloring book spotlighting each of the 50 states. Information accompanying each ready-to-color illustration identifies the state’s motto, flower, bird, tree, capital, and principal rivers and mountains. In addition, accurate outline drawings of each state include an inset of the state’s location on a full map of the United States. Brimming with information, this entertaining and educational coloring book is an ideal learning aid.

Game of the States

Game of the States. Explore the 50 states and learn about them in the Game of the States! This board game has players moving their trucks around the United States to buy and sell products! Incorporates math and fun STEM facts about each state! The player with the most money at the end of the game wins!

Where in The World Board Game

The Where in the World brand of famous game play has extended to a NEW USA Edition. Filled with up-to-date facts, players will enjoy various levels of play to learn about each State in the U.S.A. Aside from learning the geography of our Country, you will also learn thirteen unique features of each State. Featured facts include, admission date, rank in size and population to the states capitals and attractions, both tourist and historic.

Brainbox All Around The World


Brainbox. This clever new memory recall game challenges players to memorize as many details as they can in just 10 short seconds. Turn the timer over, concentrate on the card and try to memorize as many details of the picture as you can. Players then roll the dice to determine which question will be asked and quiz each other on what they remember. Questions can be asked like how many stripes are on the skirt? What’s the capital city? Find the name of the famous person shown.

National Parks Fun Quarter Map 

National Parks Fun Quarter Map. Display your National Park Series quarters with this colorful 16.5″ x 26″ map. A wonderful rendering of President Teddy Roosevelt on horseback is the highlight of this unique collect-your-own-coin map. Each map is made with collectors in mind with extra thick board and recessed coin slots to protect your quarters and prevent scratching. Map has slots for all 56 coins being released from 2010 through 2021.

Cooking Around the Country with Kids: USA Regional Recipes 

Cooking Around the Country with Kids. This cookbook helps young cooks learn about the food specialties that make up the great USA. They learn where their food is grown and how to prepare it.

It carries out the concept of cultural diversity in a way that gets kids interested in cooking foods from different regions of the country. It helps them understand how different cultures came to co-exist yet continue to celebrate their uniqueness through food.

This American-themed cookbook encourages young persons to engage with the history of the United States through food and fun activities. It’s a natural extension to many areas of the school curriculum.

MindWare – Color Chart: USA – Coloring Map and Picture Hunt

MindWare – Color Chart: USA – Coloring Map and Picture Hunt. Includes 40″ x 28″ Fold-Out USA Map. What’s the capital of Alaska? How about the stare bird of Maine? Learning about the United States is interactive and fun with this fold-out coloring map. This kit features state facts, brainteasers, and a picture hunt that helps kids develop a deeper understanding of the states within our nation. Studies show that color coded puzzles are one of the best tools for teaching children high-level cognitive skills in a multitude of ways. Among others, they’re incredibly beneficial in helping children understand spacial awareness, patience, planning, and hand-to-eye coordination. These puzzles are sure to challenge and engage any user. Designed to stimulate visually and mentally, our Color Chart: USA can be done individually for an increased cognitive challenge or as a group for cooperative play. Once your child is done filling in this awesome poster, make sure to put it on display as an accolade for their great work!

Lego Landmarks

You can either create your own builds without a kit.Here is a great workbook created by a trendy teacher to help. Or you can buy the kits on Amazon.

Car Geography Challenge Magnetic Trivia Game

Car Geography Challenge Game. This is the perfect travel game for Homeschool road trips! To play this game, you only need your intellect and the provided cards to enjoy the fun of this geography quiz! Play solo or with others by taking turns answering this Q and A style quiz game. Includes 200 trivia questions in a 50 card deck. Topics within this game deck include: 50 States Geography, Animals and Plants, National Parks, Industry, Rivers, Mountains and Lakes and Historical Facts.

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