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Homes from Around the World

Homes from around the World This was a wonderful lesson where my children explored their habitat and learned about homes where people live. Not all homes are made the same and not all homes look the same. Take a look at what we did, and hopefully you will be inspired to have such a lesson with your children, too.

Homes from around the World

First, we talked about our home, our street, and our community. We made a drawing of these three thing on a giant post-it note. You can find the giant post-it notebook here. It is a fantastic self-adhesive for so many things in our homeschool! I highly recommend having at least one.

Homes from around the World

Next, we used these 3-part cards that show homes from all over the world. There were a couple of dozen different homes ranging from yurts to apartment homes. We had a great time looking through every single one, and since the country is also listed under each home, we also found those countries on a world map.

Homes from around the World

Aren’t these great cards? I found them in this website.

Homes from around the World

We matched up the cards and the name (nomenclature) cards. They are so pretty!

Homes from around the World

Once we were done with the 3-part cards, we took time to decorate our habitat a bit more.

Homes from around the World

We also read some books about homes around the world. “Places in My Community” and “Homes in Many Cultures” were our favorites.

Homes from around the World

After we learned more about communities and what we have around our very own community, we went back to our mural and decorated some more. This time we added people, pets, and plants.

Homes from around the World

Easy peasy, right? It is totally doable and so much fun! Will you try to do this easy lesson in your homeschool? I would order the giant post-it notebook as soon as possible and grab the printable card to print in color. Your children will absolutely LOVE this lesson!

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