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Happy Freebie Friday! This week we are sharing freebies related to geography! If you don’t need geography freebies right now, click here to find freebies related to other topics! We may also have some non-theme-related freebies at the bottom of each week’s Freebie Friday post, so be sure to scroll all the way down to look for them.

free geography printables


Biomes-Flip-Book-Cover-PinBIOMES Flip Book
BIOME Desert Rainforest Forest Tundra Grassland Flip BookThis activity is a great way for students to show what they know about BIOMES.Directions are clear and aided by real pictures!Materials needed: copies, pencils, crayons, stapler, knowledge & fun!
Retail value: $2.00
Slide5Free Geography Cards
32 colorful geography terms review cards.
license-plate-mapPlay the License Plate Game
Use this free printable and practice US geography! Younger kids can learn the location of each state and tweens/teens can practice the spelling of state names/abbreviations!

mapreading3 Map Activities for your Favorite Books
Learn how to turn any book into a geography lesson with these three hands-on map activities!
worldbookstitlesmallAround the World in 30 Books
Learn about countries & cultures around the globe with this multicultural reading list for kids ages 3 – 10!
Slide12FREE Five Themes of Geography Activity
Apply the five themes of geography to your home town! Everything included to get started today!
Key-to-the-World-Scavenger-HuntKey to the World Geography Scavenger Hunt
Introduce your learners to World Geography with this Key to the World Scavenger Hunt! Students can investigate fun facts about our world by reading the provided fact cards, or they can utilize the internet of other resources with this fun, engaging activity!
seven-continents-song-pinSeven Continents Song Printable
Help your students learn all seven continents with this fun song! A printable fact sheet about the continents is included.
fun-free-farm-writing-prompts-6-labelFun Free Farm Theme Writing Prompts
Use these fun creative writing prompts for your elementary aged kiddos who have big imaginations and enjoy fun themes!
continents-free-printables-e1435637756439Continent Studies with Preschoolers (FREE Printables)
We want you to get the FREE 3-Part Cards Printable for you to do this Continent Studies lesson at home with your preschoolers.
flag-pin-600x761Country Flags of the World: A Fun Geography Lesson {Free Printable Flag Cards}
In this post, you will see a really fun lesson that we did about the flags of the world.
Coin-main-final-2Coins from Around the World Geography Lessons (FREE Printables)
Here are four lessons we did as we learned about coins from around the world.
insect-books-mainInsect books for Preschoolers that teach about maps, colors and sight words (Printables)
We have a map and matching continent cards that you can print and use with your little ones!
civilizations-main5 Ancient Civilizations {Free Printable Art Activities for Kids}
In this post, you will see a little bit of what we did and check out the free printable art activities for kids on 5 of the most amazing ancient civilizations.
Maps 4 Kids (FREE Geography Printables)

On Maps 4 Kids, you’ll find free geography printables for your students! You’ll also find fun facts, games, and more–all to help your children learn more about geography.


You might also be interested in these printables and activities for the 50 States.

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