A Collection of Summer Reading Ideas and Information – Updated Yearly

Are you looking for summer reading programs for your children? We have some great ideas to share with you! You’ll also find book lists, free printable tracking sheets, and more! This article is updated each spring with new summer reading program information. Have a happy summer!

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For Children, Teens, and Parents

We know that most summer reading programs are for children in the K-6th grade range, but there is a program we found that is for teens! Be sure to scroll down to the “Got Teens?” section to read about it.

Also, we want to encourage parents to participate in summer reading along with your children! Even though most summer reading programs only provide incentives and rewards for children, it’s still a great idea to let your children see you reading just for fun!


2020 Summer Reading Information

Barnes & Noble

This summer reading program is for grades1-6. Click on the link below to find the Barnes & Noble summer reading information. After you click the link, you can find the printable information when you scroll almost to the bottom of the page.

To learn more about the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program, click this link. 


Scholastic is having a Read-a-Palooza Summer Reading Challenge! This is a free program designed to be educational and fun. Over the course of the challenge, children can enter their summer reading minutes online to unlock digital rewards as they complete weekly reading challenges.

To learn more about Scholastic’s Read-a-Palooza Summer Reading Program, click this link. 


This summer, Books-a-Million has teamed up with Dav Pilkey, author and illustrator of the worldwide bestselling series Captain Underpants & Dog Man. Each student needs to read 4 books from the Summer Reading Adventure section of the store (either in store or online). Then he or she will need to write (briefly!) about each book in the Summer Reading Adventure Journal. Once the books have been read and the journal has been done, students must take the completed journal in to a local store to claim a free Dog Man logo baseball cap.

To learn more about Books-a-Million’s Summer Reading Adventure, click this link. 

Your Local Public Library

Most local public libraries offer summer reading programs too! Be sure to check with the library in your area to see what they have to offer and join in the fun!

Got Teens?

Sync is offering a free audiobook summer reading program for teens ages 13+! Sync is giving away two complete audio book downloads each week based on  weekly themes. Participants can sign up for alerts (to let them know when new titles are available) by text message or email, or they can visit the site each week. (Titles change every Thursday at 7 a.m. Eastern.) NOTE: Hip Homeschool Moms doesn’t know what titles will be offered or if the titles are appropriate for your teen. Parents should work with teens to make these decisions.

To learn more about Sync’s Audiobook Summer Reading Program, click this link. 


Book Suggestions for Any Summer

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Books for Littles

Book Suggestions for Upper Elementary Ages

Books for Middles

Book Suggestions for Preteen Girls

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Book Suggestions for Teens

Books for Teens

Book Suggestions for Moms

Great Reads for a Slow Down Summer

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10 Books to Read This Summer

This article challenges you to read ten different kinds of books this summer–some of which you may have read before and some that may be new to you. It suggests categories or topics (along with some book suggestions) and encourages you to choose books that fit that category as well.


Read Aloud Suggestions and Information

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And More Fun Stuff!

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Summer Reading Tracker Free Printable

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  • Thank you for taking the time to compile such an impressive list! We always fill our summer with fun new picture books and reading throughout the day. I think a book that definitely needs to be considered as a must-read this summer is, “The Dyno Dinosaur Family Presents: Waves of Kindness” by Sharida McKenzie. It is a beautifully illustrated picture book that focuses on the Dyno family and the simple acts of kindness Sister Dinosaur (Dora) can do to spread waves of kindness to the community, friends, and the environment too! My favorite line in the book is when the family is saying goodnight to Dora and her parents ask “What did you do to make the world a better place today?” I ask my children that every night now! And it doesn’t have to be something big! It can be something as simple as asking a new child at the playground to join in or putting away their toys. I think I might love this book as much as my kids. Happy Summer!

  • This is an amazing resource you have put together! I have been researching avoiding the summer slide over the past month and this is a helpful starting point for books to read. Looking forward to a 2021 update!