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My kids are reluctant readers, which means I have to work pretty hard to get them to read anything outside of their normal. I’ve had to come up with creative ways to get my kids to read. During the summer, though, I like to add incentives to their reading programs by using a summer reading tracker.

HHM Free Summer Reading Tracker

This year, I created a summer reading tracker worksheet to keep track of our book progress. I want my eldest to read 20 books this summer, but I also plan to give her a prize once she reaches 10 books. If she makes it all the way to 20 books, she will get a better prize. We haven’t decided on the prizes quite yet, but I imagine she will want video games for her prizes.

Rules of Summer Reading

We only have a few basic rules for summer reading:

  • The book must be something the child hasn’t read before.
  • The book must be at or above the child’s current grade level.
  • The book must be over 100 pages (for older kids).
  • The books must come from several genres.

As long as these criteria are met, I don’t restrict what my kids read. Right now, my eldest is really into comic stories, so I let her read a few comic books in addition to the other books.

Free Printable Summer Reading Tracker

This is a summer reading list printable from Hip Homeschool Moms.


If you’d like a copy of this summer reading tracker, you are free to download a copy to use in your own home. Click the image above or click this link to download and print your PDF copy today!


Download the Summer Reading Tracker

Do you require your children to read over the summer? Why or why not? Do you have any good books suggestions for those who do summer reading with their children?


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