Christian Homeschool Entrepreneurship 2019 Platinum Sponsor

Teaching The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Christian Homeschool Entrepreneurship is passionate about entrepreneurship. They are equally passionate about teaching the next generation to have God’s perspective on work, and love it for what it is.

Entrepreneurship is a way of looking at the world…

Successful entrepreneurs look at the world through a lens of opportunity. They want to train the next generation to think entrepreneurially from a young age. Thinking outside of the box, looking for solutions where others see dead-ends and creating new opportunities are just a few of the things needed to succeed as an entrepreneur.

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A strong work ethic originates from God…

God created work before the Fall. It is a good thing and is meant to provide fulfillment and as a means to glorify the Lord. So why do so many young people have a goal of avoiding work at all costs? Having a Biblical view of work is crucial for young people so they grow up to love hard work and the satisfaction that accompanies labor.  They have a passion to instill God’s perspective on work to the next generation!
We are super excited to have Christian Homeschool Entrepreneurship join our Back to Homeschool Giveaway this year and even more excited that they donated at the Platinum Sponsor level! We appreciate you joining us and supporting our mission of being a blessing to homeschool moms.

What does being a Platinum sponsor mean?

It means that company gave over $500 in products to bless our homeschooling families. We believe it really shows just how committed they are to supporting the homeschool community by being such a big supporter of giveaways like this!  So please be sure to visit their website and their social media and give them huge shout outs to say thank you for being a Platinum Sponsor!

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Christian Homeschool Entrepreneurship

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