Teach Your Children to be Confident Learners with Cynthia Tobias

Say goodbye to a one-size-fits-all education, and unlock your child’s full learning potential. In this podcast, I had the luxury of interviewing one of my favorite authors, Cynthia Tobias. She wrote the bestselling books The Way They Learn and You Can’t Make Me, two of my favorite parenting and education books (plus a dozen or so more books I haven’t read yet)! She partnered with another favorite of mine… the Great Homeschool Conventions‘ Mary Jo Dean to write a new book, Reclaiming Education!


In this podcast, Cynthia Tobias delves into why she felt like she needed to write this book with Mary Jo and what they wanted to accomplish with this new book. In Reclaiming Education, you are equipped with very practical and immediately useful tools to work in partnership with your children to identify and develop their learning styles and strengths. If you want to help your children build the kind of confidence that inspires them on a path of lifelong learning, then we need to get them involved in the solutions for their own success.

Cynthia and Mary Jo both have a strong faith, so this is a great faith-based parenting resource for anyone who feels like the traditional education system has failed you and your children. The simple, painful fact is that many public schools in the United States do poorly in teaching the basics of reading, writing, math, and science. Instead, they’re teaching kids—as early as kindergarten—gender ideology, an anti-Christian worldview, and how to hide things from their parents. It’s time to seriously reconsider where and how your children are being educated. 


With that, let’s get to the podcast so you can hear why I love Cynthia Tobias’ books and why I’ve already ordered mine!

In Reclaiming Education, both parents and children will learn how to:

• Identify learning style strengths
• Develop strategies for adapting to less-than-ideal circumstances
• Design an effective study space environment that’s tailored to your child’s needs
• Motivate even the most resistant learners

Bio for Cynthia Tobias

Cynthia Tobias

Cynthia Tobias is the author of bestselling books The Way They Learn and You Can’t Make Me (But I Can Be Persuaded). She has a successful background that includes over 35 years as an author and speaker, 8 years of teaching high school, and 6 years in law enforcement. She has written 14 books, is a featured guest on radio and television, and is a popular presenter for businesses, government agencies, churches, and schools throughout the United States and the world. You can find more information about Cynthia at her website here at https://cynthiatobias.com/

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