A Collection of Easter Ideas and Activities

Don’t you love finding new ways to celebrate holidays? We thought you would because we love it too! Here you’ll find a collection of ideas and activities we’ve gathered from our own sites and from some of our blogging friends. We truly do hope you are inspired to try one (or several!) of these activities and ideas!

Whether you want to keep things simple, use what you already have on hand, or go all out and have a big celebration, we think you’ll find just what you’re looking for!


Easter Ideas and Activities


Games and Hands-on Activities


Printable Easter Story Trivia Game

We hope this free printable Easter Story Trivia Game will help you keep the focus on Christ this Easter season!


LEGO Tomb Activity for Easter

This LEGO Tomb Easter Activity will help you share the story of Christ’s resurrection with your kids in a hands-on way this Easter!


HHM Easter-egg-parachute-game

Easter Egg Parachute Game

If you’re having an Easter party (or if you just have a lot of kids!), this is a fun game for young children.


HHM Easter-Story-LEGO-Challenge

Easter Story LEGO Challenge

This Lego challenge is perfect for helping children illustrate (and remember) the Easter story.



Paper Roll Bunny Craft for Kids

Looking for a simple, just-for-fun Easter craft for your family or a party? This is it!



Make A Frederick’s Cross Using Blacksmith Secrets

These crosses are beautiful and are easier to make than you might think!


Dyeing Eggs and Easter Egg Activities

Easter Egg Dyeing with Shaving Cream

Using shaving cream and food coloring to dye Easter eggs is fun and simple, and your eggs will be pastel beauties!



Fizzing Rainbow Easter Eggs!!

This fun science experiment/activity is perfect for the Easter season.



10 Fun Ways to Recycle Plastic Easter Eggs

If you’re like me, you hate throwing things away if they can be recycled or repurposed! This article shares 10 ways to use leftover plastic eggs in fun and educational ways.


ABCs and Math Activities

Upper & Lowercase Easter Egg Match

If you like the number match activity above, we think you’ll love this upper and lowercase letter match too!


Easter Egg Number Match

This is a super cute preschool math activity for children who are working on counting, matching, and recognizing numbers.


HHM Ducks-and-Mazes-264

Easter Egg Math

Use plastic Easter eggs to do these math activities with your little ones.


Fun with Food


sweet chicks easter snack Sweet Chicks Easter Snack

This sweet Easter treat reminds us of new life, so it’s a perfect Easter or Palm Sunday treat for kids to make and eat!


Dissolving Peeps Science Experiment

If you have Peeps for Easter (or leftover Peeps after Easter), use them to do this experiment! It’s super easy and inexpensive.


Fun Jelly Bean Structure Activity

This simple activity will encourage your children to be creative and use critical thinking skills in a fun way.


Coloring and Painting

HHM Just-Color-Easter_thumb

Just Color ~ Easter

This is an Easter-themed coloring pack for kiddos who enjoy coloring or need something quiet to do for a little while.


HHM Easter-Q-Tip-Painting-Printables

Easter Q-Tip Painting Printables

These Q-Tip coloring pages are fun for children, but they’re also great for helping develop eye-hand coordination!


Miscellaneous and Collections of Ideas


Easter Traditions Around the World

Learn more about how other countries and cultures celebrate Easter with this fun printable booklet that all ages will enjoy.


Easter Ideas and Experiment for Your Homeschool

In this article, we share a collection of ideas and experiments for the Easter season.


Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

This is a fun assortment of articles sharing creative ways to dye and decorate Easter eggs!


Easter Ideas, Activities, and Printables

This article is a collection of all kinds of printables, ideas, and activities for your children or for an Easter party, co-op, etc.


Free Easter and Spring Printables

This collection includes printables for both Easter and spring. (Note: All of the printables were free at the time we created this collection.)


HHM Easter Confessions of a Homeschooler

Fun and Easy Easter Activities for Kids!

This resurrection garden is a wonderful way to remind your family of Jesus this Easter season.



This is another collection of lots of fun printables and activities for Easter and spring.



Easter Printable, Crafts, and More

Looking for printable craft ideas for Easter? You’ll find a great collection here!

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