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Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

If you’re looking for some creative ways to decorate Easter eggs, you just may love some of these! Some are easy enough for little ones to do, and others are better for older children. No matter the ages of your kiddos, take a look and find a great idea or two for decorating your Easter eggs this year.


Easter Egg Dyeing with Shaving Cream

You can make some awesome marbleized looking Easter Eggs quickly and easily with a small mess and a small amount of money!

How to Make Real Awesome Minecraft Easter Eggs

If your kids are bored of making “ordinary” dyed Easter eggs, I’ve got a cool idea for you: Minecraft Easter eggs!

Super Simple Minion Weeble Wobble Easter Eggs

These are so cute and so easy to make! While the post tells how to make weeble wobble eggs using plastic eggs, you could easily decorate real eggs to look like minions too!

How to Make Star Wars Painted Easter Eggs

This is a great Easter egg decorating project for moms or older kids!

Owl Easter Eggs

These are beautiful painted Easter eggs! Another great project for moms or older children.

Space Eggs: Easter Craft for Kids

These fun Easter eggs can be made by little ones or older children.

Artist Inspired Easter Eggs

Here’s a super fun way to decorate Easter eggs: create artist inspired Easter eggs.

Chalkboard Spiderweb Eggs that Glow

Making chalkboard spiderweb eggs is a super fun way to decorate Easter eggs.

Nature Craft Easter Eggs

These Easter eggs are made using things you find in nature, so they’re super easy to make and look beautiful when you’re done!

Kids’ Washi Tape Easter Eggs

These washi tape Easter eggs are fun for little ones or older children to make!

Torn Tissue Paper Eggs

These are cute and easy torn paper Easter eggs.


Egg Decorating Ideas: Drip Art Rainbow Eggs

And to join in with the drip art fun, we thought we would have a go at drip art rainbow egg decorations. The kids loved it! And the process was magical – and like watching a rainbow grow!

Papier-Mâché Easter Eggs

Your children will enjoy making these pretty papier-mâché Easter eggs!


Crayon Shaving Decorated Easter Eggs

Use crayon shaving to decorate Easter eggs!


How to Use Vegetable Scraps to Create Beautiful Easter Eggs

Here you’ll find ideas for ways to use vegetable scraps to make beautiful and different Easter eggs!

Colored Sugar Easter Eggs

These Easter eggs are so pretty, and all of the ingredients are edible.


Tie Dye Easter Eggs

All you need is some paper towels and food coloring to add a super-fun tie dye effect to your Easter eggs.


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