The Wonderful World of Sharks Workbook


Shark Week just got more exciting! Add this easy-to-use unit study to your homeschool during shark week or anytime during the year!  This mini-unit is in workbook format which provides study information and easy-to-complete workbook pages to fill in. Beautiful and colorful illustrations bring sharks to life and will entice even the most reluctant learner. Begins with shark anatomy and ends with habitat and behavior. This is a 20-page PDF format digital download product for printing from your personal computer.

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Everyone will enjoy a break from the mundane science routine with an enjoyable and enthralling Sharks Workbook! Mom will enjoy the freedom of a workbook-style format while children appreciate an approachable colorful design and inspiring shark details.

Content of This Sharks Workbook

Take a bite out of science with the sharks workbook containing the following information:

  • Shark Design ( Anatomy)
  • Fins
  • Shark Teeth and Jaws
  • Anatomy Diagram
  • Blank Anatomy Diagram for Labeling
  • Life Cycles for 3 Types of Sharks
  • Habitats for Various Sharks
  • Diets for Sharks in Multiple Ocean Zones
  • Shark Behaviors
  • Shark Facts

This sharks workbook covers information about multiple kinds of sharks and offers a variety of fill-in workbook pages, crosswords, anatomy diagrams, charts, and even writing activities for forming opinions and conclusions. Your child can complete these interactive pages while the remaining pages present the shark information in an easy-to-read, friendly format.

Here are some additional resources that might be great to go along with this unit study:


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