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  • Free Sharks Workbook During Shark Week

    The Wonderful World of Sharks Workbook


    Shark Week just got more exciting! Add this easy-to-use unit study to your homeschool during shark week or anytime during the year!  This mini-unit is in workbook format which provides study information and easy-to-complete workbook pages to fill in. Beautiful and colorful illustrations bring sharks to life and will entice even the most reluctant learner. Begins with shark anatomy and ends with habitat and behavior. This is a 20-page PDF format digital download product for printing from your personal computer.

  • Color Harmonies Workbook


    Help your child learn the basics of color with this Color Harmonies Workbook. It’s very easy to follow, requires no art training to teach and offers an easy to understand definition of each harmony. The five page “workbook” teaches the 4 color harmonies.