Penguin Notebook Pages


Use these Free Penguin Notebook Pages to supplement any penguin unit. Children record what they’ve learned about penguins on the fact sheet and free write on the remaining two pages for a science unit or project. You can print one, all or multiple many times for a variety of uses. This is a 3 page digital download PDF.


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 Free Penguin Notebook Pages to record your penguin study findings:

These free Penguin Notebook Pages  can be used with any Penguin unit study or mini research project. You could print them  multiple times to record info on various species or just once for a small writing assignment or research project. Consider printing the penguin page multiple times to compile them into a penguin book.

Penguin Unit Study Ideas

Penguin Study Guide:

Use the following as a guide to study penguins. Do research with your children or have them do their own research to answer the following questions:

  1. What are penguins and where do they live?
  2. What do most penguins eat? How much do they eat?
  3. How many species of penguins are there?
  4. What sounds do penguins make?
  5. What are their mating habits? Do they nest?
  6. How do they care for their young?
  7. What does a penguin egg look like?

Where penguins live for penguin study Find penguins of the world and their regions with this interactive map.

Ways to use these penguin notebook pages:

  • Make a penguin book of species
  • Use to add science to a language arts study such as Mr Popper’s Peguins
  • Use to add to geography study on Antarctica
  • Record research on penguins
  • Write a report on penguins
  • Use as part of a presentation board for an oral report
  • For younger children, cut magazine images of penguins and glue
  • Use as part of an “Animals of the World Book” or Bird Study

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