Artist Notebook Pages


Artist Notebook Pages

Study the master artists in your homeschool with this 10 page printable pack. These Artist Notebook Pages are designed for your child to fill out and utilize as they learn about any great artist. The sheets offer flexibility and structure to begin any unit of learning on an artist.

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 Artist Notebook Pages

The depth of study possible with these Artist Notebook Pages is entirely up to you! Use them for one artist or several.  You can use just a page or two for a survey of many artists over the course of a year, or take your time and use every page for an in depth focus on just a few. It’s up to you!

Artist Notebook Pages

 These Artist Notebook Pages Include:

  • Master Artist Fact Page- facts about the artist.
  • Words to Recall- Artist quote and vocabulary.
  • Art Gallery- Page for facts, images, or child’s drawings.
  • Picture Study- Favorite work picture study page.
  • Picture Study- Famous work picture study page.
  • Biography- Student writes about the artist.
  • Extra Writing Page- Blank writing page for needed space.
  • Writing Prompt Page- How this artist inspires page.
  • Sketch and Draw- Scribble or sketching page.
  • Notes- Child can take notes while researching.

You might consider one of the following resources to help your children research art and artists:


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