Insect Notebook Pages


Use the spaces provided for recording taxonomy as well as your observations. The black and white format and minimal color makes printing affordable and allows for adding color and personalization as your child fills in each page. Choose from 18 insect pages by common name. Select the right page based on the most specific classification in common. If the page you’re looking for can’t be found, use the blank page provided. This PDF  delivered by email includes 19 total notebooking pages and is a PDF digital download product.

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 Insects are so fascinating, aren’t they? The warm summer weather is a perfect time to study insects! However, these insect notebook pages can be used anytime. You will come across insects in the garden, at the pool and many other summer activities. It will be a perfect complement to your summer activities or nature study.

These Insect Notebook Pages include the follow insects by common names:

Insect Notebook Pages

To make the sheets challenging enough for older students I added a place for the taxonomy of the insect. Your child could research it’s genus and if possible the species. Classification is an important part of zoology and I felt it was worth including.  Its been added in a way that is useable in a homeschool setting or nature walk.

How to use these Insect Notebook Pages:

Any insect that comes under the same family could be used for various insects in that classification. For example, you can use the grasshopper page for the locust page because they are in the same suborder: Caelifera. You can use the beetle page for both the Rhinoceros Beetle or a Weevil. Any beetle for that matter, if it falls under the family Coleoptera since that is what is listed on the page.

The packet also includes a blank sheet for insects that are not related and wouldn’t fit into any of these insect families, order or suborder as specified on each page.

I highly recommend using an insect field guide with these pages. Any will do, but a simple and pocket size is best for beginners. We have used this Peterson First Guide to Insects of North America:


And you might want to consider adding a few of these books to your library to help your children learn about insects:

If you don’t have a field guide then another good thing to do is take a picture with your cell phone and then research and sketch when you get back home.



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