Ice Age Notebook Page


Use this free Ice Age Notebook Page to record or write about any Ice Age animal of your choice. Lines provide space for recording facts or writing a paragraph or small mini report. Print and use only once or multiple times. Compliments any Pre-history study or unit. This is a single page digital PDF Download.


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Ice Age Notebook Page

Use this Ice Age Notebook Page during any prehistoric study in your homeschool.

Consider using the prehistoric animal list below to complete the Ice Age Animal Notebook Pages. There are, however , many more to study as desired. Print a page for each animal your child will discover. The animals on the list below are all North American Animals now extinct:

• Dire Wolf (Canis dirus)
• Short Faced Bear (Artoduc sinus)
• Sabertooth Cat (Smilodon fatalis)
• Giant Ground Sloth
• Ice Age Bison
• Glyptodont
• American Mastodon
• Wooly Mammoth (mammuthus primigenius)
• Bison (Bison antiquus)
• Giant Beaver (Castoroides ohioensis)
• Woodland Musk Ox (Bootherium bombifrons)

Whenever possible have your child use the ice age notebook page to record the animals scientific name among other science facts. This single page product can be printed multiple times to be used to make a book of prehistoric animals or even a presentation board or other type of report.

You can use the Ice Age Animal Notebook Page below for any animal and have your child record their research on it. Another possibility is to have them choose an animal they would like to learn about and write a little report on it. Some questions they could answer might be:

  • When did these animals live?
  • What did they eat
  • How did they behave?
  • Why do we know they existed?
  • Where and how were their remains found?


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