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Learn about the trees that grow in your area with the help of these notebook pages. Sketch your observations in the field or record your research as you study at home. Get started identifying trees with the space provided on each page for sketching tree parts.

The black and white format makes printing affordable and allows for adding color and personalization as your child fills in each page. Use the common names and family classification to choose the right page. 43 total notebooking pages. This is a PDF digital download product.

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*This page contains affiliate links.* Tree Notebook Pages by Common Names

Packed full with 28 trees by common name these notebooking pages include space for drawing a sketch of the parts of the tree observed and recording taxonomy as well as its uses, leaf type, zone and extra lined space for facts.

How to use these Tree Notebook Pages:

You can have your child use these tree notebooking pages in a variety of ways. Using them as a supplement to an in depth study on trees is very comprehensive. In contrast, you can also choose to use them as a stand alone tool and fill them in with the facts you get from your research. Regardless of whether you choose to use them in the field or in your classroom, they are designed to aid your child in recording his research.

Use all or just a few pages at a time, year after year with multiple children and ages.

10 Tree Notebook Page suggestions for older children:

  1. Report and paragraph writing
  2. Sketching observations
  3. Researching types of trees and recording information learned
  4. Use bottom portion for vocabulary
  5. Learn where certain trees are commonly found (growing zone)
  6. Write a tree poem
  7. Start a log book of the trees in your area
  8. Choose one tree and use the same page to make a book of species
  9. Use pages on a presentation board and give a verbal report of your findings
  10. Take them into the field for writing down observations and taking notes

Older children may enjoying drawing their observations in the boxes provided while younger children could cut and paste pictures from magazines and printouts. Another possibility is to use the pages for sorting leaves and seeds from a nature hike.

What if the tree I need isn’t included?

~The packet includes 15 supplemental pages as well. Supplement Tree Notebook Pages

The packet also includes 15 supplemental pages. There are 5 blank notebook pages that can be used for any tree and 10 additional lined pages in a variety of formats for report and paragraph writing. Printout the pages you wish for the specific assignment you plan!

Tips for identifying trees:

As you observe trees in the field take notice of each part of the tree: leaf, flower, seed, bark, and stems. Due to the fact that there are so many species of trees and the varieties are almost endless, it’s sometimes difficult to be completely accurate when identifying them. Therefore, I highly recommend taking a photograph when possible so that it can be referenced later. In addition, if that isn’t possible jot down the following:

  • Tree type- Deciduous? or Evergreen? | Conifer? or Broadleaf?
  • Seed type and shape-Are there berries or fruit? Nuts? Cones?
  • Bark color and description
  • Size and shape- How big is it? In what way does it grow?
  • Location found- Observe tree’s surroundings and note location for later reference.
  • Leaf type and general description- Simple? Compound? or Unique? |  Opposite? or Alternate? | Flat or Thin? | Color, etc.

Resources for these Tree Notebook Pages:

Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Botsford Comstock is an excellent resource to guide you through complete nature studies.
Field guides like  What Tree Is That?: A Guide to the More Common Trees Found in North America  are invaluable for identifying and studying trees.

Here are some other tree identification resources you might want to investigate:

Read more now about doing a Tree Unit Study!


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