Awesome Summer Activities and Ideas

In this post, we put together a list of absolutely awesome Summer activities and ideas for kids to do this Summer break. There are arts, crafts, sensory activities, games, scavenger hunts and more! Come take a look and share these ideas with a friend!


little girl laying in field looking at bubbles

Awesome Summer Activities and Ideas

Unpoppable Bubble Recipe with Free PrintableKids love making bubbles! I mean REALLY love bubbles. Below you’ll find a great video demonstrating how to create your own unpoppable bubble solution and a printable recipe. This would make a fun science activity to do with your child, or use at a science-themed birthday party, or at the beach or the park, or even right in your own house on a rainy day.


6 Fun Summer Studies!Here are some playful educational activities to add to your weeks during summer break. The kids enjoy them, and they have no idea it’s really school.


25 Fun, Free Family Activities for SummerHere’s a list of 25 fun, FREE activities you can do with your family this summer. No tickets to buy, no admission fees, no need to rent a motel room or eat at a restaurant – just lots of family fun!


Summer Reading Tracker Free PrintableIf you’re looking for a way to track your children’s summer reading, just download this free printable!


7 Awesome Ways To Celebrate Summer With CraftsCome and take a look at 7 awesome ways to celebrate summer with crafts.
7 Fun Things To Do As A Family This Summer VacationYou can easily have a memorable summer vacation with the entire family, something your kids will always cherish and look forward to.
Epic Light Table Ice Legos & More for Summer!We had so much fun with our ice Legos! The possibilities are endless, but I will share a few of the things we did with our ice Legos, including using the light table.
Summer Flower Sensory SoupFor this activity, we used the most beautiful, colorful, and diverse flowers we were able to find in the front and backyards to make Summer Flower Sensory Soup.
DIY Sponge Water BombsIt takes 2 minutes to make these simple DIY water bombs and all you need is a pack of sponges and some elastic bands.
Seashell Sight Word Practice

This seashell activity is terrific for sight words that preschoolers and kindergarteners are learning, and it can also be used for spelling lists for older children.

Learn about Forces at the Splash Park!Teaching engineering does not have to be complicated. You just need to find opportunities in everyday life to talk about the basic principles.
TOP 10 BACKYARD ACTIVITIES FOR 4 YEAR OLDSThey want to throw, run, shoot, toss, hop, skip, spin, tumble, and so much more. At the age of four, it seems that they are ready to try many more physical endeavors. And I love it!
How to Practice Counting on a Rainy Day with a Ocean Window MuralI decided to create a fun activity that would provide hours of entertainment and play-based learning: an under the ocean window mural with craft foam to practice counting!

With nice weather most days, I decided on a healthy and courteous tea party picnic (using Montessori principles, of course)!

Active Learning Obstacle Course

Some days I open the back door, and they will run and play on their own for an hour. However, there are many days they need a little direction. On such days we use an easy 10-step, get moving obstacle course.


We had way too much fun with this simple observation experiment. Here is what we experienced and discovered.


I wanted to make a sandy beach keepsake. The idea was formed and it turned into this unique Framed Sand Handprint!

Summer Sensory Bins

This summer sensory bin is one of my favourites of all time. It was perfect for outdoor play.

DIY Beach Play Sand

We usually do a family vacation in the summer, but the funds were just not there for it this year, so we were quite glad to have a little beach fun at home with this DIY beach play sand!

Simple Summer Sensory Activity

The kids had so much fun with this and they had no idea that they were actually doing really important sensory work!

Hunting for Fun with the Big Honey Hunt!

With summer fast approaching, it was the perfect opportunity to have some fun with bee activities!


This simple and low prep math game is a fun chance for your kids to get outside, enjoy the sun, play with water guns, and review their math facts at the same time!

Outdoor Music Man – DIY Instrument Series

There are so many wonderful ideas for DIY instruments and music stations around. I thought that it would be fun to combine some of these ideas into an outdoor music man. Great fun for exploring different sounds and a good opportunity to make a lot of noise!

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