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HHM celebrating julyKeen for some more summertime fun with an educational spin? How about taking up the Hip Homeschool Moms’ Month of July challenge? That’s right – every day this month features an official “day of the year” event that you can celebrate, gift, learn or enjoy with your kids. It’s simple really: print out the list below, or bookmark this page and enjoy discovering, learning, gifting and creating every day of July.

July 1 is International Joke Day! it’s license to tell jokes all day long! Rope in the kids by getting cheesy joke books from the library, scouring the Internet for great jokes or asking friends and family to share their favorite jokes. 

July 2 is World UFO Day! It’s a perfect excuse to investigate those tinfoil hat claims – those ones you know you’re secretly intrigued by! Or, have a marathon scifi movie day. For those living in the cooler climates, it’s a great excuse to cuddle under blankets and stay indoors. 

July 3 is International Plastic Bag Free Day! If you’ve slacked, like I have, and tend to buy plastic instead of bringing your own, make an effort on this day to shop with fabric or paper bags instead. While you’re at it, how about doing a little further investigation into plastic pollution and its damages?

July 4 is Build a Scarecrow Day! Honestly! Someone, somewhere feels strongly about natural pest control. While you’re celebrating Independence, how about giving the kids a fun activity at the family barbecue? Nothing like a few scraps of fabric, some sucker sticks and a few other crafty bits to create fun miniature scarecrows.

July 5 is Bikini Day! Like ’em or hate ’em, they’re a part of history. Perhaps today’s a day to learn about the history of the bathing suit. Or head out to the pool and swim!

July 6 is Fried Chicken Day! Yum, yum! Who needs an excuse to eat fried chicken? Whether it’s the Colonel’s or mama’s secret recipe, go ahead and enjoy celebrating good ol’ southern cuisine! Better yet, get the kids basting up a batch of delicious fried chicken!

July 7 is Chocolate Day! Now here’s a great excuse to enjoy all things chocolate.  Chocolate croissants for breakfast, chocolate milk at lunch, chocolate icecream, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Not inspired? How about trying one of our hip and happening chocolate recipes, like choc chip muffins, or mississippi mud slow cooker cake or these delicious jumbo crisp chocolate chip cookies?

July 8 is Scud Day! Don’t know what that is? Well, neither did I. According to, “SCUD Day stands for Savor the Comic, Unplug the Drama Day, and encourages those of us whose lives might have a touch too much drama to step back, relax, and enjoy the funnier side of life. Relaxation and humour are good for your physical and mental well-being, so turn the drama down a notch and enjoy a good laugh instead.”

July 9 is Sugar Cookie Day! It’s going to be a sweet-tooth week, folks. Making sugar cookies with the kids is a great way to spend an afternoon. 

July 10 is Teddy Bear Picnic Day! Pack the sugar cookies from yesterday and head down to the back yard, or nearest park with the littlies and their teddies. Too hot to head outside? Have an indoor picnic or try one of these fun indoor summer activities from Hip Homeschool Moms.

July 11 is World Population Day! In the midst of all the summer fun, taking a moment or two for more serious topics is a good thing. Many populations around the world suffer from many hardships. Perhaps today is a good day to pick a country off the world map to learn a little more about. Maybe even consider ways in which your family can support another family there. 

July 12 is Different Color Eye Day!  It’s called heterochromia iridum, and affects a small percentage of the population. Know anyone with different eye colors? Go celebrate them today! Or spend some time learning about the genetics behind a fascinating phenomenon. 

July 13 is Embrace Your Geekness Day! Closest geek or loud and proud? Either way, today is a day to embrace your geekness. Have fun!

July 14 is Shark Awareness Day! This day is a little less about being fearfully aware and more about finding out more about conservation and care of sharks.  

July 15 is Pet Fire Safety Day!  Do you know how to prepare your home and pets in case of fire? Head to Fire Safety for Fido to find a few great trips.

July 16 is Corn Fritters Day! Pair this with Fried Chicken Day and you’ve got a pretty decent meal for the day. Even better? Teach the kids how to make the corn fritters!

July 17 is Peach Ice-cream Day! In the middle of a hot summer, peach ice-cream is a delicious treat. How about making some homemade ice-cream and sharing it with the neighbors?

July 18 is Caviar Day! Yes, those tiny little fish eggs that are synonymous with champagne and wealth have their very own day! If you’re a sushi fan, go grab some for a dinner treat – there’s a sprinkling of them on a good salmon rose or rainbow roll.  Mmmm!

July 19 is Raspberry Cake Day! Let’s just call July “delicious food month”, why don’t we? With raspberries in season, a yummy cake topped with fresh raspberries is definitely something worth bringing to a picnic.

July 20 is Space Exploration Day! Hip Homeschool Moms have visited Houston Space center for an awesome annual homeschool day. Read about our visit last year and follow the links to some fun space explorations.

July 21 is Junk Food Day! As I was saying – delicious food month. Or perhaps, forbidden pleasures month? Take this one the way you’d like – maybe a guilt-free visit through drive-thru or a time to let the family view Supersize Me on DVD? Either way, it’ll be an education!

July 22 is Hammock Day! By mid-July many a mom is feeling a little overwhelmed by heat and little people. So, take advantage of this day by hanging out in the hammock.  Don’t have a hammock? Curl up on the couch or the lounger and declare it your very own hammock!

July 23 is Gorgeous Grandma Day! Any grandmas in your life? Go celebrate them! Make them feel every bit as gorgeous as they are with a special visit, a beauty and pamper voucher, or a meaningful gift.

July 24 is Cousins Day! Yay for cousins. Whether they’re near or far, make a plan to connect with some of the best and earliest friends you or kids may have. For us, it means both local and Skype dates will be arranged, but I can’t think of a better way to celebrate these special people in our lives.

July 25 is Parents Day! And yay for parents! Let the kids know that it’s parents’ day and have them spoil you rotten! Or how about sending your own parents a little thank you in the form of a meal, note or gift?

July 26 is All or Nothing Day! Carpe Diem, as the saying goes: seize the day! Got a project on hold, waiting for a rainy day? Tackle it today. Have a mountain of laundry or Spring cleaning that needs doing? Chalk up July 26th as the day to give it your all.

July 27 is Walk on Stilts Day! Yes, that’s right. Who comes up with this stuff? I’m not sure, but it does make for some entertaining celebrations. Research circuses for those very tall clowns, or make your own with buckets and string. Great for gross motor skills for little ones, too!

July 28 is Milk Chocolate Day! Not to be confused with the other chocolate day. You know that July is a good month when there are TWO days dedicated to all things chocolate. Mmm! How about you celebrate with a special milk chocolate from another country? Maybe even set up a chocolate swap with fellow homeschool moms across the pond?

July 29 is International Tiger Day! Just like shark awareness, this day can be super educational. Whether you make tiger masks with the littlies, or watch Blue Planet with the biggies, there is a wealth of information and activities that is all tiger. Grrrr!

July 30 is Paperback Book Day! Now where is that hammock? Couple that with milk chocolate day, and you’ve got yourself the perfect summer set-up! Or, get the kids involved and have them create a summer reading list of their favorite paperback books to share with other kids.

July 31 is Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day! Yes, that picola, or harp, or didgeridoo – go google up a storm with the kids and show off your newfound knowledge at dinner.  Who knows, this day may give birth to a brand-new future pennywhistle star in your own home!

Well, that’s it for July, folks! Enough to keep you busy for the entire month, come rain or shine. With all the delicious treats, we may have to head into August with days that inspire diet and exercise! But, when in July, do as July does. And while you’re at it, how about sharing the photos of your joy

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