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Ivy Kids Review

Have you heard of Ivy Kids? It is a monthly subscription that started with a mom who wanted to come up with fun and affordable educational materials and lessons for her little ones. We had the privilege to receive one month’s set to try out and review. The theme? Trains! How fun is that?! Read on to find out what we got in the kit and how we used it.

Tanya, Mom of Kids Ages 5 and 3, Loved the Ivy Kids Train Kit!

Amazing Train Activities with Ivy Kids

 Train Activities with Ivy Kids

We received so many activities, and they all involved trains in one way or another. It was fun having such a focused unit. As you can see in the picture below, all of the activities were divided up in bags, neatly organized. Each activity had a lesson plan that spelled out exactly how to use the materials, vocabulary, discussion questions, and even some extension activities.

Ivy 2

Train, Trains, and More Trains

Do you know how a steam locomotive works? Well, we do! The lessons that were in the kit related to many subjects areas, and we learned so much through all of these fun Ivy Kids lessons!

Amazing Train Activities with Ivy Kids

Learning Took Place at Every Turn

We learned how locomotives work (Science) and how to make train sounds (Music) with a train-shaped whistle. We painted wooden trains, colored a train sheet (Art), used a box for a ramp (Physics), put together an alphabet train (Language Arts), sorted cards that belong together and played train and engineer (Practical Life and Social Studies) and even played a board game using a die (Mathematics).

Amazing Train Activities with Ivy Kids

My Honest Opinion

I was very impressed with how many activities came with the box. It was so thorough and so easy to follow! My children and I had fun making the crafts and doing the activities. The best part is that there is an option of sending Sibling Extras, which means both my children got enough for both of them to participate. That is a big deal to me because I want them both to learn and be involved. Would I recommend Ivy Kids monthly subscription? Yes!

Amazing Train Activities with Ivy Kids

Amazing Train Activities with Ivy Kids

 Darcy and Her 4-Year-Old Son Loved the Fun and Simplicity



What is Ivy Kids?

“Ivy Kids is a monthly educational subscription box for children ages 3-8. Our goal is to make every moment with your child “quality time.” Have the tools at your fingertips to ensure your child has a solid foundation in math, literacy, and science. Help your child build confidence and be well-rounded in all disciplines to ensure future academic success. The activities in the Ivy Kits have been created by certified early childhood teachers with children of their own.”

This product is a definite win for our family. As homeschool mamas we are so busy pinning ideas, planning, and preparing, that it was quite nice to open up a box that was delivered to my door and find TONS of activities for my little ones! They were fun and engaging for my kids and easy to understand and follow for me!


I was definitely impressed with the content and organization of this product! Everything was bagged up by activity and contained all of the necessary components to execute the game or craft. No searching and trying to figure anything out.

Open and GO! Simple!


I think this sheet is one of my favorite parts. It is inside the cover of the box (which by the way is sturdy and ample size to store the activities for future use) and is very clear in explaining the contents. I love how easy it was to have my children choose which activity they wanted to do, or for me to take a glance and pick one.


I love the literature offered, as I browse the website to look at future titles and kits. My children loved the story, and the activities were clever to go along with it. This product is definitely going on our wish list for the future!



Wendy W. and Her Girls, Ages 6 and 4, Enjoyed Learning Together

When given the opportunity to review this kit from Ivy Kids, the thing that most interested me was that these kits are for kids ages 3-8! As a mom trying to homeschool several children of various ages, it is sometimes difficult to find materials that will be engaging for all of my children. I knew that with this promise both my 6-year-old, whom we often describe as ‘advanced,’ and my 4-year-old with developmental delays, should be able to enjoy the book and activities together. I was not wrong.

Ivy Kids Review

My girls were extremely excited to listen to me read the included book and to complete the activities that came along with it. The book was engaging, with interesting content and colorful photos. It was quite easy to remember the details of the story, so it was just the right level for my girls. Both of them were able to act out the story with their story board pieces as I read it aloud a second time.

The variety of activities within the box was also impressive. Art projects, matching games, color mixing, finger painting activities, and more are included in the kit, all gathered together neatly in bags with instructions attached.  It was an easy, open-and-go learning time for us each time we opened the box!

Ivy Kids Review

Since I was working with both ‘advanced’ and ‘delayed’ children, I especially appreciated the ease with which I could adjust the activities for each child. With one particular activity, I asked my younger daughter to simply match the mice to the correct color while encouraging my older daughter to mix them up and then match them to the correct color, all while being timed. Both girls were able to complete the task, and they had a great time while doing it!

Ivy Kids Review

We had such a great experience with the book Mouse Paint and the included activities that I have already begun browsing the Ivy Kids web site to see which box might be up next. A quality book, 10+ activities, and a few hours of fun with my girls is totally worth the subscription price to me!

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  1. What an absolute delight! Ivy Kids would be such a time-saver, making our own literacy kits is fun but so very time consuming. Seeing the kits above is exciting because those titles are ones that are always the beginners with the little ones. Ivy Kids seem to put a lot of thought into keeping kids entertained & engaged through all the activities.

  2. What a fun kit! I was really impressed with the quantity and variety offered in the pack. The add-on sibling price is so reasonable too!

  3. Are there different age levels for this? I know it says up to age 8. The activities look great for little ones, but much to easy/simple for my 7yr old. I wish I would have had these when he was little!

  4. Wow! I have been looking for something like this! The kits look like so much fun! I love that kids can learn so much while enjoying themselves.

  5. I have always wanted to try one of these sorts of things!! I love the variety of activities and different ages. Hope to win and try for free! 🙂 thanks for a GREAT review! Renee

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