State Notebook Pages


Use these state notebook pages to record facts for any state. This is a 4 page PDF is a digital download. Have your child use these pages to record facts from their own research or those presented to them. They can be used in a variety of ways. They are light color for economical printing while at the same time aesthetically pleasing.

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State Notebook Pages

Whatever state your are in or travel to, you can use these State Notebook Pages in your homeschool.

Whether your goal is to learn all the states or just focus on a few, you’ll love these State Notebook Pages. Use just the first page to aid your child in learning all the states and capitals. Or in contrast, focus on just few states while using all the pages.

Ways to use these pages:

  • Pick a state significant to your current homeschool program study. Have your child research the info needed to fill in the sheets.
  • Take a homeschool road trip. While visiting, collect information for the state and record your findings on the appropriate pages.
  • Use only the first page for each state and create a book of the United States. Order by the date they joined the union.
  • For older children have them do an oral presentation on the state of their choice. Have them create a presentation board to go with their state presentation.
  • Have your child to a reattach report. Use these pages for note take and gathering research information and to organize their report.

You might want to invest in a few of these great books to help your children research and study states:

 These are just a few ideas. However, you can use these pages in any way you like!

I created this product when my child was in 5th grade. Naturally, I wanted him to be prepared to start writing mini reports. I feel that notebooking is a great way to get the writing going without things being tedious and overwhelming. These will also help develop the research skills need for filling them out. In addition, he’ll be learning about geography, commerce, government and more.

4 Notebooking Pages for learning about a state.

The 4 page PDF Covers:

  1. State Stats and basic info: Motto, Bird, Tree, Map, Nickname, Population, etc.
  2. Geography: Rivers, Lakes, Mountains, Location in U.S., etc.
  3. Historical Facts: Flag, Admission to the Union, Famous People, Events, etc.
  4. Writing Page: This page highlights the state seal and offers a space for your child to write about what was learned.

Here’s the perfect resource for using these pages and getting quick info on each state all in one place! Check out this very cool  Interactive United States Map!



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