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Taking a vacation or traveling? Make it a fun learning experience with this 10 page Notebooking Journal. Your child will log their thoughts, memories and learning experiences while on vacation. Begins with itinerary, checklist, budget planning and pre-journey research pages and ends with mapping, things I’ve learned, free write and planning your next journey pages. Daily pages help your child log their day to day experience and can be printed multiple times for as many days need for their journey.

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Your child will love this 10 page Travel Journal for use on any trip or vacation.It is ideal for allowing your child to write at their own level about their daily travel experience. Giving just enough prompting to get them started, it is designed to be adaptable for any journey or travel circumstance.

Contents of My Travel Journal

My Travel Journal is a PDF digital download which includes the following pages:

  • This Adventure Belongs to Page- This is an ownership page to designate ownership.
  • Itinerary Page- Offers a way for you to share the itinerary plan with your child and also gives a typical packing checklist.
  • Budget Planning Page- This page is helpful if you plan to give your child a spending budget on the trip.
  • Research and Discovery Page – If you’d like to have your child learn about the location you are visiting, this is a wonderful area to use for recordings research.
  • My Adventure Pages ( 2 pages) – These pages are for recording what has happened each day of the trip. You can make multiples copies of this page as needed.
  • Map It Page- Allows your child to map the journey geographically on the United States map.
  • Things I’ve Learned- Encourages your child to think about and record what they have learned.
  • Rate the Adventure Page- Offers an area to rate the experience and have additional free writing space.
  • Planning the Next Adventure- Adds the element of expressing where your child wants to go next and to reinforce a love for travel.

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