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  • Botany Notebooking Bundle


    This Botany Notebooking Bundle is perfect for summer for children of all ages! Simply vary the amount of reading and writing required for each child in order to personalize this bundle for use by students of different ages. If you have very young children, you can even use narration and dictation to make the bundle a great learning opportunity for them. And older children will be able to use these resources without much help at all!




  • Free Sharks Workbook During Shark Week

    The Wonderful World of Sharks Workbook


    Shark Week just got more exciting! Add this easy-to-use unit study to your homeschool during shark week or anytime during the year!  This mini-unit is in workbook format which provides study information and easy-to-complete workbook pages to fill in. Beautiful and colorful illustrations bring sharks to life and will entice even the most reluctant learner. Begins with shark anatomy and ends with habitat and behavior. This is a 20-page PDF format digital download product for printing from your personal computer.