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FREE Six Month PREMIUM Membership!

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For the next five days, our friends at Norby are offering Hip Homeschool Moms a free six-month premium membership to Norby’s World valued at $72:


Norby’s World is a fun adventure game that helps your child improve their reading, spelling, and comprehension skills. Set in an exciting virtual world, we deliver personalized lessons that adapt to your child’s age, interests, and proficiency.

Hey Norby Offers Personalized Learning for Your Child

As adults, it’s clear that we prefer content tailored to our interests — it’s one of the reasons why platforms like Spotify and Netflix have become so popular. Instead of simply gamifying educational material, we’ve built Norby’s World from the ground up with personalization and engagement at its core.

Their team of dedicated educators, parents, and engineers have found the magic key to unlock improved reading skills by building the world’s first personalized education app for kids.

The app combines:

  • A dynamic curriculum that adapts to your child’s interests
  • Speech recognition to help children practice reading aloud
  • A fun and safe virtual environment where children can interact with each other

It incorporates a bright and educational virtual world full of fascinating rooms and colorful characters. Your child navigates the world as a virtual character (Blobble), engaging with personalized content tailored to their interests and reading proficiency.

By combining the latest technology with fun adventure games, kids stay focused and motivated – while improving their reading and spelling skills.

Learning Objectives

Norby’s World is designed to complement your child’s existing school curriculum.

The educational components are designed to support kids in meeting the following learning objectives:

1. Improve reading and comprehension

Becoming a proficient reader is one of the most important skills a child can develop and is critical for success in every other educational area. Many children who are very capable struggle with subjects like math, science, or social studies because they face difficulties reading and comprehending the material.

The games in Norby’s World are an exceptional way for children to improve their reading skills in a fun and super engaging environment.

2. Improve spelling skills

Research has found that learning the logic and patterns of spelling can improve a child’s reading, writing, and comprehension skills. Learning to spell helps cement the connection between letters and their sounds, which is why improvements in spelling lead to improvements in reading.

Norby’s World offers a variety of interactive vocabulary games that focus on helping your children develop their spelling skills.

3. Increase vocabulary

A robust vocabulary improves all areas of communication — listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Inside Norby’s World, children will have many opportunities to expand their vocabulary through quests, fun challenges, and mini-games.

4. Achieve oral reading fluency

According to cognitive psychologists, reading aloud with kids is the single most important thing parents and teachers can do in priming children to become good readers. Why? It is due to something known as the “production effect,” which shows that reading words aloud improves our understanding of them and, consequently, our memory.

Norby’s World encourages kids to practice reading aloud, which is a far more effective method to improve reading skills than simply tapping buttons on a screen.

The future of personalized learning is exciting, and we can’t wait for you to try Hey Norby! We look forward to hearing your feedback about how your children love it!

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