9 Ways to Save Money in the Bathroom

Whether you are a single-income family or not, you have no doubt felt the pinch of inflation in recent times. It’s hard to keep spending to a minimum when there are just so many expenses. If you’re looking for ways to cut back on spending so you’ll have a little more for the things you really want to have or do, here are 9 ways to save money in the bathroom.

While this topic, or even some of the money-saving methods, might seem a little simplistic, the truth still is that a penny saved is a penny earned … and while a single penny might not go very far, saving a lot of those pennies (and dimes and dollars) here are there can really add up.

So, that’s why we’re talking about ways to save money in the bathroom.

save money in the bathroom

9 Ways to Save Money in the Bathroom

There are a few simple and easy things you can do to trim the amount you are spending in the bathroom.

1. Use a Water Conserving Faucet & Shower Head

You can purchase both water-conserving faucets and shower heads.

This is particularly saving money in the bathroom by saving water; with a typical shower head, one 10-minute shower can use up to 42 gallons of water!  Low-flow shower heads work by mixing air with the water and forcing it through tiny apertures. This means that you get just as wet with much less water.

To cut back on the amount of water you use from your sink, you need to have a faucet aerator on your faucet.  Many faucets already have them, and nearly all faucets are threaded to accept them. They should have a water flow rating on the side. Ideally, you want it to be 2.75 gallons per minute or lower. If it is higher than this, it would be wise to replace it. Generally, this is a simple matter of unscrewing it by hand and putting the new one on, also tightening it by hand.

2. Use a Shower Head You Can Easily Turn On/Off

Another way to conserve water in the shower is by having not only a low-flow shower head but also making sure that  the head has a shut-off valve on it. You save even more water if you use the shower to get wet, then cut the water off with the shut-off valve while you soap and scrub and shampoo, then turn the water back on to rinse.

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  • [Wide Uses] It can be installed between the shower arm and the shower hose; the shut-off valve can be used as a shut-off valve, a water-saving valve, or a pressure-reducing valve. Cost-effective improvements for shower heads, garden hoses, bidet sprayers, etc.
  • [Easy Operation and Installation] The lever handle can be operated smoothly and effortlessly even with damp, soapy, or slippery hands since the moving component glides with minimal effort.

3. Turn the Sink Water Off While Brushing Your Teeth

Just like when you are washing dishes in the kitchen, you shouldn’t leave the water running the whole time, the same is true while brushing your teeth. Wet your toothbrush and then turn the water off. Don’t turn it on again until you are ready to rinse. It is little things like these that help you save money in the bathroom, particularly by conserving water.

4. “If it’s Yellow, Let it Mellow; if it’s Brown, Flush it Down.”

Not sure this one needs any explanation, but the idea is that you don’t have to flush the toilet every time someone pees. Of course, this might not always work, especially if you have a guest bathroom and play the host frequently.

On the same vein, did you know that old toilet flushes use far more water than new ones? So, if you have an old home and you haven’t changed the toilets, you can potentially save thousands of gallons of water each year by replacing your toilets with new ones that use less water with each flush. The toilets with dual flush can also help you save money in the bathroom, as you can choose to use less water when needed.

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5. Shower Every Other Day

Instead of showering every day, cut back to every other day. This will cut the amount of water you use to shower in half! Along these lines, you can also shorten the length of each shower to use even less water.

6. Add Water to Low Shampoo & Conditioner Bottles

When our shampoo or conditioner is getting low, we add a little water to the bottles. Then we shake the bottles to get all the extra that is clinging to the insides of the bottles. You can also often take the tops off the bottles to get more out of them.

7. Use Pump Style Bottles

We use pump style bottles . This allows us to measure and limit the amount of shampoo and conditioner that our children are using. Our son only needs one pump of shampoo because he has short hair, but our daughters use 2 or 3.

8. Don’t Leave Bar Soap Under Water Flow

I don’t know if you have noticed this or not, but when we leave our bar soap in the built-in soap holder, it leaves a long train of soap scum in its wake. The shower water continually running over it wears the soap right down! This wastes a lot of soap! To avoid this, we keep the soap on a shower shelf that hangs from the shower head.

9. Hang & Reuse Towels

After you shower, the idea is that you are clean. Thus using a towel more than once to dry yourself shouldn’t be a big deal. Instead of using a towel once and sending it to the wash, hang your towel for another day. We wash towels only once a week or once every other week depending on the person, usage, and any special circumstances which may warrant more frequent washing.

What ways have you found to save money in the bathroom?

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  1. Bar soap costs a lot less than body wash. That’s great for my eldest. My younger son has sensitive skin and needs expensive body wash, as do I. So we avoid squirting it directly onto washcloths or scrubbies. The soap goes on the skin, then the washcloth goes on the skin. It uses a lot less body wash.

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