Save Money on Christmas Gifts: Streamline Your Gift Giving

If you’re like a lot of other folks this year, you could use some simple ways to save money on Christmas gifts! Keep reading for some ideas on how to do just that!

save money on christmas gifts

I think something might be clinically wrong with me. It’s nearing Thanksgiving and I am not even remotely interested in Christmas. Usually, I am almost totally done with gift shopping and I’m ready to enjoy Thanksgiving and then the Christmas season. This year I’m asking my husband, “Can we just not do it this year? I’m not feeling it.” I was vetoed. Enter, gift streamlining – a way to save money on Christmas gifts.

I know you, mama. You wait until the last minute. You think if you ignore Christmas and gift giving, then it will go away. Did you know that hiding your head in the sand just makes your behind more visible? If you’re not prepared for Christmas, and you aren’t really feeling it (like me) then gift-streamlining is going to save your behind that’s up in the air.

save money on christmas gifts

What IS gift streamlining? Well, here is Stacy’s definition: gift streamlining is making a bunch of the same gift, in large quantity, saving you both time, effort, and money. Say what? Save money at Christmas? It’s a Christmas miracle! God bless us, every one. You betcha, Tiny Tim.

My husband and I have embraced gift streamlining every year since we’ve been married. We decide early in the year what we want to give so we can prepare for it. Usually it’s something for adults and something for children. So, here is our process so that you can also use it and save yourself some brain wracking over what to buy Aunt Myrtle who already has everything.

How to Streamline Your Gift Giving


1. Decide on what you’re going to make/give.

You can go the homemade route or purchase a lot of the same item. Sometimes purchasing in bulk can really save you some cash. This year we decided on Homemade Vanilla and my new crock pot cookbook for adults.  For children, we decided on mason jar spill-proof cups with stainless steel straws. Last year we gave Foam Soap Dispensers and Crock On for adults and art kits for the kids.

save money on christmas gifts

2. Buy your items or supplies.

Sure, it’s great to find a gift idea on Pinterest. You’re gung-ho about it! Yeehaw! Let’s make some stuff, y’all! But, you lolly-gag around and here it is December 24th and everyone is getting an Amazon gift card instead. Uh, oops? Decide and buy. Right now. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

3. Make it, if needed.

If you’re purchasing all of the same gift (e.g., art kits) this step doesn’t apply. If you’re crafting, you need to make it. Aunt Myrtle won’t know what to do with a bunch of foam triangles and cut out letters combined with a spool of raffia. “Merry Christmas! It’s a DIY banner!” Uh, no. Set aside a time and get your whole family involved. This is the “streamlining” part. Get it all done at once – sure, it might take an entire Saturday, but you’re done. Everyone is covered – and now you can enjoy the holiday and stuff yourself silly with cookies.

4. Package it all up.

Once your gift giving/making is complete, go ahead and wrap everything. Then you’ll REALLY be finished. Don’t put it under the tree if you have curious 15 month old children…or curious husbands.  This is the hardest part for me because I really hate wrapping gifts. I’m the reason they invented gift bags.

save money on christmas gifts

That’s it! Not only are you done, but you’re full of Christmas peace…another Christmas miracle. All your gift giving is done – you spent some time with your family making it, and you saved some cash. And glued your fingers together.

How does this save cash, you ask? Buying in quantity and giving all of the same gift is a lot easier on time spent shopping and gas money to get there! – and when you give everyone the same thing, you’re not spending $10 here and there. You’re spending $100 all at once, divided by 20+ people.

And really, how much is sanity worth? Don’t you want to save money on Christmas gifts?? Merry Christmas…after Thanksgiving, that is.

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  1. I love this tip…thanks! I started implementing it this year without knowing it but am definitely going to go all in from here on out!

  2. These are good ideas, but for us the kids ages range from 2-20 with multiple types of personalities so we gift card anyone older than 9.

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