Our 2019 Back to Homeschool Giveaway Has Over $10,000 in Prizes!

We are so excited to announce our Annual Back to Homeschool Giveaway will be the week of August 26 – August 30. This year we have over $10,000 in prizes and we hope our sponsors’ generous donations will be a huge blessing for you and your family. We want you to feel the support and encouragement as we celebrate YOU and other Homeschool Moms! And our sponsors have really shown up and are being super supportive… the Back to Homeschool Giveaway has over $10,000 in prizes now!

Every day during the week of August 26 – 30th, we will share a new post with links to each of the giveaways for that day. Each giveaway will be open for 72 hours and will have daily entries, so be sure to come back to the giveaways each day to get your extra entries! Each day we will  publish a new post for that day’s sponsors. Each sponsor will have its own page this year with all of the giveaway items listed on that page. So we want to be sure you realize not all giveaways will open on the same day. If you would like to receive email reminders, fill out this form, and we will be sure to send you an email for the new giveaways each day and the ones you can earn extra entries on so you won’t miss any!


One of the biggest questions we receive during giveaway week is …. how do I enter the giveaway. So let’s go ahead and check that question off the list.

You will need to sign into the giveaway widget with either your Facebook account or your name and email address and follow the instructions. Once you’ve completed a task that’s listed on the widget, you’ll receive entries into that particular giveaway.  Watch the video below for a quick tutorial to get you started.

For those who aren’t familiar with what a “widget” is, here’s an example of one. When the giveaway is open, you’ll see a similar widget for each business, and you’ll use it to enter each company’s giveaway.

Back to Homeschool Giveaway 2019
This is an example of a widget.   


Click Here for  a live demo that will help you get a feel for it. 

Who is Donating?

Every single donor is choosing to bless our homeschool moms. I hope you take a moment to thank them for being a supporter of our mission to bless you!

We will post one giveaway page each day that will list that day’s giveaways. If you want to receive an email to remind you to enter, you can join that specific list here:

[thrive_leads id=’305474′]
If you have any questions, please leave us a comment below and we will get you answers ASAP!!

Trish and Wendy

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    1. I have 2 sons. Ian is 12 and this year a sponge for knowledge. Wil is 15, has aspergers and could care less, but doesn’t give me an issue unless he just can’t process anymore. I have them at them same grad level except for math(Ian is ahead). They are both hands on learners but I struggle with what to do.

  1. This is a great giveaway with some awesome companies. Thank you for putting this together and being a positive in the homeschool community.

  2. Just new to this website through FB. Great Articles!
    Although not new to homeschooling, just graduated our 2nd child and he’s off to college this weekend with his older sister. Three more to go!

  3. Wow. Awesome information, I know what I will be doing tonight when I can’t sleep. Signing up for giveaways.

  4. Great list of sponsors! It includes some of my faves, even Jellystone Mammoth Cave. It’s close by and one of regular camping destinations.

  5. Super excited for these giveaways! This is our 4th year homeschooling and I absolutely love every minute of it!

  6. This giveaway for homeschooling families sounds amazing!!😁Thank you for giving so generously to help families achieve their academic goals!

  7. Wow!! What a great list of participating companies!! There are several I haven’t heard of before so I am looking forward to learning more!

  8. How awesome and generous! Homeschoolers are so blessed now days for the continuing support and resources. So glad to part of it all!

  9. This is awesome! I love seeing other options that we have for homeschooling! We are starting our 8th year!

  10. This is awesome! I am new to homeschooling and I had no idea that there were so many resources that help support us teach our kids!

  11. Thank you for all the info and giveaways! It has truly been a blessing! So many good articles and lots of great advice!

  12. This is awesome! I love your content and a chance to win a blessing box is such a big deal because we all know how much time, money, and effort we spend constantly learning and growing our homeschools for our children.

  13. Hello. This is my first time to your page. I love it! I am a homeschooling mom. I have two children ages 6 and 12. I’ve been homeschooling full time for 6 years and plan to homeschool any future children. Both of my children are autistic. I make all my own curriculum and therapy supplies. I love finding new resources! I look forward to the giveaway, that would be such a blessing.

  14. This is such a blessing to receive these blessing boxes that are generously donated from all of the fabulous businesses! I love the idea of blessing our homeschool families and encouraging the continuing of their homeschool journey. Thank you so much for this!

  15. What a blessing your site has been to me! I have enjoyed seeing the humor and joy in homeschooling through your posts. Thank you for the encouragement and reminder this should be fun! ☺️

  16. Wow! This is going to be huge! So many amazing sponsors. I have several of these on my wishlist!

  17. Wow! What an awesome opportunity! Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway! And thank you to all the generous donors!!!

  18. My bday falls right in the middle of these dates. Is I crazy for me to hopefully anticipate a birthday blessing? 🙂

  19. This is so amazing of you! I love to read your articles.. it’s always a fantastic way to start my morning.

  20. I am so thankful for your service to the homeschool community. You were one of my first follows 7 years ago when I started this crazy, wonderful journey.

  21. Thanks so much for this opportunity! What an amazing blessing for any homeschooling family! God bless you! ❤

  22. This is really great. I had no idea you did stuff like this. What a blessing you all are. A big thank you to all of the donors, too.

  23. I hope I signed up right!?! My husband and I both lost our jobs this year, at the same school, and are determined to make homeschooling work for our special needs kiddos… Any extra resources to do so would be an amazing blessing.

  24. This is awesome! As a single Mom homeschooling two kids, I really appreciate companies taking the time to bless families with resources and who doesn’t love a fun contest!

  25. Thank you ladies for all you do, as a brand new homeschool mama I am learning so much! The giveaways are awesome!!

  26. You ladies are just the best…. I can’t imagine doing this homeschool thing without you in my life! ❤️❤️

  27. Our family is new to homeschooling. I’m nervous and excited. I appreciate the chance to win something that will help us start our journey.

  28. How wonderful, I’m a first time homeschool mom this year. I have 3 children and were just getting started in our journey. This would be such a blessing to win.

  29. I am so thankful for women like you who work to bless the homeschool community! Thank you for the giveaway! I follow your page on Facebook and followed the link over here. I have some things in common with both of you ladies. Blessings! ❤️

  30. This is such an awesome giveaway! Prayers going out, this would be amazing to win! Thank you for such an opportunity. God bless!

  31. This sounds awesome!! I have taught homeschooling since 2002. I have three graduates and one in high school!! I was also a homeschool graduate in 1990. What you do for the homeschool community is wonderful!! Homeschooling has come a long way. We are planning to visit Mammoth cave this fall. I had forgotten they have a Jellystone park there. We will be looking into that.

  32. This is fantastic! So many generous donations to go towards blessing homeschooling families. Will definitely be participating in these giveaways. Thanks so much for bring us this opportunity.

  33. We are new to homeschooling and I’m so excited for this journey and the resources you provide!!

  34. I’m so excited! This is an amazing giveaway! Thank you to all the sponsors and hiphomeschoolmoms.com. These prizes will definitely be blessings to their recipients.

  35. This is awesome to see homeschooling parents get together and to know that there are people who do help with the homeschooling needs. 🙂

  36. Oh neat! Can’t wait to see who wins. I would love to see what they get. Would love info regarding goid planners for kids and l how to teach the kids on use of one.

  37. So excited about the giveaway! What a blessing this would be to so many moms and kiddos. Thank you for doing this!

  38. I love giveaways, though I never win. I persevere though!! 😀 Thank you for making this available …its fun to try at least!! 🙂

  39. This is really cool! There are companies I never heard about before and their products are iinteresting. Thank you for getting all this info in one place and setting up a giveaway.

  40. We are so happy to be a Homeschooling family! I have 4 school age children and an 18mo cutie! Giveaways are amazing! Thank you for all you do!

  41. Do you get to open all those boxes?? That would be so much fun. Plus being able to bless so many people. You guys are seriously lucky. 🙂

  42. First time homeschooling mama and I have been so thankful for all the great information offered here! Thanks!

  43. Thank you for everything you do. So many helpful tips and links. Then to give back is huge too. We appreciate you all ♡

  44. I don’t follow your site for free giveaways, but it definitely makes me glad to follow such giving people!

  45. Hi! I’m just deciding to take the Homeschooling jump with my youngest daughter! It’s so exciting and empowering to realize that WE CAN DO THIS! Thank you to all that so freely give advise & support!

  46. I am astounded at how many donating companies you ladies have managed to establish a relationship with-that’s some hard work! Way to bless our homeschool community:)

  47. Can’t wait! You all are such an asset to the homeschooling community, I’m so thankful for your site and Facebook group!

  48. This is so neat and awesome. I am going to go look at the sponsors too. Some I have not heard of before.

  49. Would love a surprise box! This is our first year homeschooling! We would be soo blessed to get one of these!

  50. This is amazing. We are from Canada. Can we still enter? or is this only for the US? Beautiful giveaway💗💗

  51. This is so amazing! I’m so glad to be part of such an amazing community! Thank you for the opportunity!

  52. I started homeschooling my son two years ago. Honestly it was never on my radar because I come from a family that always did public school. But watching him thrive for the last two years has been amazing. And given me the confidence to teach my daughter as well.
    My family doesn’t want for anything but it’s awesome knowing these will bless families!

  53. Thank you for investing your time into this blog and giving us all a chance to win these nice giveaways.

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