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3 Easy Ways to Celebrate Fall Hat Month in Your Homeschool

Did you know that September is Fall Hat Month? In Texas, September is still summer, but by this time, I am ready to embrace fall and all of the beautiful and fun fall hats. Use these ideas to celebrate fall hat month in your homeschool this year!

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Complete a Hat Unit Study

I love themed months like September because it is so easy to create a unit study based around the theme. For hat month, you could scale activities based on a child’s age quite easily. Here are some fun educational items to incorporate into a hat unit study:

For the Littles:

  • Count all the hats in the house.
  • Make hats from newspaper or tissue paper.
  • Read books featuring hats.
  • Color a hat-themed worksheet. (Just google “hat themed worksheets” to find some great ones!)
  • Learn about different styles of hats.
  • Sing songs about hats. (You can find some on YouTube.)
  • Make edible hats using a Reese’s Cup placed on top of a chocolate cookie.

For Elementary Kids:

  • Use hats in math facts practice (i.e. 4 hats times 3 is how many hats?).
  • Calculate the cost of hats in today’s dollars by adjusting for inflation.
  • Read books featuring hats (good for any age).
  • Learn about the different periods when certain hats were in fashion.
  • Visit a milliner (We still have a few in Texas!).

For Junior High and High School:

If you don’t have time for a complete unit study, you might want to take a day to make a tissue paper hat as a simple craft. I have a super simple tutorial for tissue paper hats that we made for a tea party a few years ago that you can use if you need any extra help with your designs.

Read Books Featuring Hats

A lot of books prominently feature hats. Last year in September, I compiled a list of books in which hats are essential to the story in some way. I was surprised at how important hats are in a lot of books!

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Do you celebrate Fall Hat Month? I really enjoy making our homeschool a bit more fun with themes like these. How do you celebrate? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!